How to Apply for Immigrant Visit In Indonesia

Apply for Immigrant Visit In Indonesia By Yourself

  • Visit the Immigration Office and submit your application with all the required documents.
  • The receptionist will review your requirements and then scan the required documents. A receipt of acceptance will be given to you once you have fulfilled all conditions.
  • If the application is evaluated to be eligible, it will be sent on to the Chief Immigration Officer or Immigration Office to receive an approval.
  • A thorough evaluation will be conducted in the event that the investigation by the head of the Immigration Office find out any sign of doubt in the application.
  • If the request has been accepted, the documents will be sent to Treasury Receipts for payments.
  • After you have made your payment, take your fingerprints and a photo taken. The registration will also be printed. It is necessary to take a signature on the document printed.
  • If you’ve fulfilled all requirements, and all the required payments have been made your permit for stay will be issued after four working days.

Required Documents For Apply for Immigrant Visit

To Request a New Request

  • Request permit to visit for foreigners who want to enter the territory in Indonesia with Visa and attach:
    • A letter of guarantee by the Guarantor at the time when you apply for Visa and
    • A valid passport.
  • Request a permit to visit children born in the Indonesia Region from parents that hold a visit permit. Complete the application form with the following information:
  • Nationality of passports from children Indonesia Country representative
  • Birth certificate of the child at the institution, or birth certificate issued by the authority in charge
  • Photocopie of passport nationality of parents and
  • Photocopy of parental permit for visiting.

Office Locations and Contacts

Contact details:Jl. H. R. Rasuna Said Kav. 8-9 Jakarta Selatan 12190
Call Center: (021)5224658 extension. 2106
Telefax: (021)5224658
SMS Center: 081381307650
Email :

For a list of Immigration Divisions, check this link:
For a list of Immigration Offices, check this link:


  • Foreigners who are allowed to enter the territory of Indonesia by obtaining a visa for visit
  • The baby is born is born in Indonesia when the child was born, the mother or father have a visit permit. The permit to visit is issued according to the stay permit issued by the father or mother.
  • Foreigners from countries which have been exempted from the necessity of holding Visas are exempt from the requirement to have a Visa according to the regulations and laws
  • Foreigners who have served as the crew of the Transport equipment are either anchored or on the Indonesian territory Indonesia in accordance with the laws and regulations
  • Foreigners who are allowed to enter the territory of Indonesia in the event of an emergency

Foreigners who are allowed to enter the territory of Indonesia by way of a visa are granted a travel on the arrival.

The Document is required

Permits for immigration are granted for foreigners who wish to visit Indonesia to stay for a few days.

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