How To Apply for Immigration Visa In China

How To Apply for Immigration Visa In China

Citizens who are seeking visas to enter the country should apply for an immigration permit to the border region allow local governments that are above county-level Public Security Bureau management agencies as well as the Ministry of Public Security of the port’s entry and exit conditions.

Documents that are required Immigration Visa

  • One recent photograph and fill out your “private Chinese citizens abroad (Habitat) Application Form” (hereinafter called”the application form”);
  • (Two) as well as a duplicate of the identity card and booklet. Residents are issued identity cards, renewals or replacement time and replacement period. You can also submit the temporary resident identity card along with a residence booklet, and one duplicate
  • Anyone under the age of 16 citizens, must be joined by a parent and presented with the permission of their guardians’ advice booklet identification card, or passport, and an original signature of their guardian’s identity card;
  • Must be in compliance with the applicable national staff regulations be able to show the unit or work unit according to the management of personnel by the higher authorities authority to confirm the exit consent granted;
  • The provincial people’s administration in its Local Public Security Bureau management agencies submitted to Ministry of Public Security Exit-Entry Administration approval, which requires other documents to be submitted.

Office Locations and Contacts

The People’s Republic of China, Ministry of Public SecurityAddress No. 14 East Chang An Avenue,
Beijing Zip: 100741
Contacts of Municipal Public Security Bureaus of China

Chinese Missions Overseas

What Are All The Eligibility

In accordance with Chinese regulations and laws, Chinese consular officials may decide on the kind of visa, the number of entry points, the validity duration and length of stay and can also reject an application for visa, or even revoke the validity of a visa.


  • One entry and exit, or “Exit Pass” 20 Yuan

Multiple-entry entry valid for 100 Yuan

Documents to Utilize

Visa Application Form from China’s People’s Republic of China

How To Apply for Immigration Visa In China
How To Apply for Immigration Visa In China

Processing Time

Beginning from the day of the issuance of the application documents within 15 days for remote or areas that are difficult to access or in special circumstances that are not scheduled passports issued by the provincial government with locale Public Security Bureau management department approval. If the approval is granted, the issue time can be extended until get them the passport on the 30th.


  • Processing units: Border region local government bodies above county levels Public Security Bureau management agencies
  • Each section of the application form should be completed truthfully clear and concisely. False information, missing details or ink that isn’t legible can cause delays in processing of the application or even denial for the application.
  • Visa officials will evaluate visa applications based on their individual merits.

The Information You Need

  • Personal Information
  • Travel Information
  • Other Information
  • Declaration& Signature
  • If the application form was completed by a different person on behalf of the applicant, you must fill in the details of the person who completed the form.

The Document is required Immigration Visa

The visa document is an recognized document that is issued by authorized agencies for the state, according to law of this country for foreigners who wish to be allowed to enter, leave or travel across the country.

Information that can be useful

Chinas Visa Authorities are:

  • Chinese diplomatic representation, consular offices and consular posts, offices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region The Office of the Commissioner from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Macao Special Administrative Region, and other resident organisations abroad that are authorised to do so by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are accountable for processing visa applications for foreign citizens to enter and transit through the mainland of China as well as in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China.
  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the local foreign affairs office authorized through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are accountable for the issuance, modification the validity of diplomatic or service visas as well as for the issuance of a residence permit for holders of diplomatic and service visas.
  • The Ministry of Public Security and the local authorities for public security that are authorised through the Ministry of Public Security are in charge of ensuring the security of the entry and exit of foreigners, the issuance of visas at ports of entry, the extension and changing of visas that are normal, and issuing residence permits for holders of regular visas, who already reside living in China.
  • The Immigration Department of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region is accountable for issues pertaining to foreigners’ coming into and leaving Hong Kong. Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Its Website address:
  • Macao Public Security Police Force Immigration Service. Except for visas exempted under bilateral agreements, foreigners can request a visa for entry into Macao after arriving in the Port of Entry. Website address of the Macao public security police force:



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