How to Apply for International Coffee Organization (ICO) Certificate In Uganda

Apply for International Coffee Organization (ICO) Certificate In Uganda By Online

  1. Anyone planning to conduct business of exporting coffee from Uganda must get an international coffee organization (ICO) certificate. The person must submit a formal application for Uganda Coffee Development Authority Uganda Coffee Development Authority in order to ask the Certificate of Origin for every consignment.
  2. It is possible that the Uganda Coffee Development Authority may make such provisions in the manner that the Authority decides to Cary out an feasibility study to examine the export of coffee and the company’s condition, and determine whether they meet International requirements for coffee.
  3. Fill out the form and send it back return it to The Uganda Coffee Development Authority head office. It is crucial to provide details that prove to that Authority it is satisfied that applicant has the capacity to be able to meet the applicable Certificate requirements and is financially and technically ability to meet the conditions and requirements of the international standards for coffee.
  4. Before an application can be accepted, it must satisfy certain requirements set out in the Uganda Coffee Development Authority and the application form must be signed and stamped by the applicant. These conditions must be listed to the application form.
  5. Next step for the applicants is to attach all the required documents to the application form. On this point they have to provide to the Uganda Coffee Development Authority with enough information that will allow the Authority to complete an evaluation of the eligibility of the applicant to obtain an ICO Certificate.
    • The application for an ICO certificate must along with the necessary fee be accompanied by
      • complete name, address, and phone number of the person applying;
      • If the company being limited by shares, the company must supply the full names and names of the directors of it, as well as the number of shareholders as well as their shareholdings;
      • A Performance Bond that is deemed through the Authority;
      • proof of having access to a coffee Reprocessing facility that can produce export-grade coffee.
      • Description of the technical and economic aspects of the export of coffee;
      • the date of the scheduled start of the export business for coffee;
      • the effects that the Coffee export industry on the environment and mitigation options;
      • the reports and results of the assessments, which include environmental impact assessments and any other studies that are conducted as well as the results and reports of other rights holders as well as all consents and permits required by or other laws.
  6. The applicant has to submit an application in its final form for approval to Uganda Coffee Development Authority, and another copy to the Ministry of Trade, industry and cooperatives, accompanied by the cost as is stipulated in the Uganda Coffee Development Act Cap (235) Coffee Law, 2017.
    • Anyone who plans to export coffee must abide by the specific conditions and guidelines set by the Authority for exporting coffee of good quality that is consistent with the international standard for quality.
  7. Complete the application form together with required documents and processing fee in the form of a letter to Uganda Coffee Development Authority indicating clearly that the main requirement is to apply for an ICO certificate.
  8. In the event that it is determined that the Authority finds that the person applying has met all requirements required for the granting of the coffee ICO certificate, and upon the payment of the fee prescribed the Authority can issue the certificate. In other cases, it can decide to deny the certificate, and the Authority will in any event inform the applicant of the Authority’s decision.

Required Documents For Apply for International Coffee Organization (ICO) Certificate

  • Quality Certificate.
  • Letter of application to sale contract of registration
  • Form for inspection of pre-shipment.
  • Uganda Coffee Development Authority sales contract
  • National identity card
  • Environmental impact assessment report
  • Performance Bond
  • Export license
  • A report on access to a coffee processing factory.
  • The clearance comes of Uganda Coffee development Authority and Ministry of trade industries and cooperatives.

Office Locations and Contacts

Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA)Plot 35 Jinja Road, Coffee House,
P.O. Box 7267, Kampala
Tel: +256 312 260 471 / +256 312 260 470
Fax: +256 414 256 994
Site: Uganda Coffee Development Authority

Ministry of Trade, Industries and cooperatives
Lot 6/8 Parliamentary Avenue
P.O. Box 7103 Kampala
Phone: 0312 324 000/0312 324 268
Website: Ministry of trade and cooperatives


  • Anyone who is 18 years old or older who is engaged in export of coffee in Uganda within the Ugandan jurisdiction are legally qualified.
  • Other than those exempted by the Uganda Coffee Development Act Cap 235 of Coffee Law 2017 Coffee export License Act are eligible to receive a certification from the International Coffee organization.


Fees for certificates for certificates: 25, 000 Ugshs


Validity: Once per particular project.

Processing Time

Maximum Processing Time: 1 Day


The export of coffee is prohibited without a certification from an the international coffee association is issued to him from Uganda’s Uganda Coffee Development Authority.

The Information You Need

  • Full name and address of the person applying
  • Contact details of applicants
  • If it is an entity limited by shares, the memorandum of agreement and the article are needed.
  • The full names and addresses of directors of companies, numbers of shareholders, as well as the shares they hold;
  • The date and the signatures of the applicant’s signature and date of birth.
  • The seal of the person applying on their application.

The Document is required

The purpose of a permit can be to control trade as well as collecting statistics on trade.

Information that can be useful

  • The Authority may, by giving a registration certificate to anyone who is an exporter of coffee, limit the quantity of coffee that can be shipped out by an exporter in accordance with international obligations.
  • If an request for a certificate of registration in accordance with the Authority Regulations is received by the Authority at a time that the current coffee season is at an early state, the document can be issued for the current coffee year even if a part of the year’s coffee is already over; in this case, the part that has expired of the year will not impact the amount of fee that is imposed.

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