How To Apply for International Driver License (Interstate License) In Austria

How To Apply for International Driver License (Interstate License) In Austria



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Documents Required International Driver License (Interstate License)

  • the national driving license, which is the national
  • a passport photo.

Office Locations and Contacts


Information Hotline: 050-123-123.

Online Form:


Advice and information:

AMTC Vienna, Lower Austria, Burgenland Tel: 0810 120 120 (Tariff Provider Dependent)

AMTC Upper Austria Tel: (0732) 33 33

AMTC Salzburg Tel: (0662) 639 99

AMTC Tyrol Tel: (0512) 33 20

AMTC Vorarlberg Tel: (05572) 232 32

AMTC Styria Tel: (0316) 504

AMTC Carinthia Tel: (0463) 325 23


Bruhausgasse 7-9

1050 Vienna

Tel: +43- (0) 1-893 26 97

Fax: +43- (0) 1 893 24 31


What Are All The Eligibility

Holders of a valid driver’s license.



Intercontinental (or International) driving license to drive in non-EU countries:

  • Members’ cost: 14.20
  • Non-member cost: 21.70

Translating the driving license:

  • Member Price: Free
  • Non-members’ price: 7.50


It is valid for a year after the date of issue and only when used in conjunction with the National driving license.


Automobile Clubs that are able to grant IDLs:

  • ARB
  • AMTC
  • VC

Need to have the Document

A International Driving Permit (IDP) permits the holder of the permit to drive a motor vehicle within the country that is not the one that gave the permission (outside within the EEA).

The document needs to be supported by a valid license from the country where it was issued for it to be valid. IDPs are IDP is typically slightly larger than a normal passport and can be translated into several languages that match the holder’s regular driver’s license.

Other uses for the document/certificate

Certain states, along with rental car companies, require the holding of an internationally recognized driving permit.

External Links

  • Austrian Government Portal


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