How to Apply for Invalidity Benefits In Uganda

Apply for Invalidity Benefits In Uganda By Online

A Disability Benefit is one that is given to a contributor who has lost hisor income due to mental or physical incapacitation.

  1. Fill out the Application to Invalidity Benefit Application form. Then submit it in the NSSF Office most convenient to you. The customer service representative will be able to accept your claim for processing.
  2. You will need to provide the necessary documents to allow your application to be processed.
Add the following files
  • Letter of Disengagement OR Termination or Letter of End of Contract introduction letter sent by the former Employer , or Local Council.
  • Medical notes or other documents that show the history of illness (The patient may require a visit to the Fund Doctor
  • The certified high court order is in appointing a manager of the Estate of Persons of Unsound mind.

Notification:Any individual who makes false statements or discloses any information he/she is aware to be incorrect in relation to a particular item is guilty of an offence and could be subject to either a fine or jail time or both.

Required Documents For Apply for Invalidity Benefits

  1. Current passport size photograph
  2. Identity Card for Personal Use e.g. Photocopy Identity Card, Voters Card Permit to Drive, Permit, Passport, Financial Card and National Identity Card
  3. Evidence of Bank Account information e.g. Bank slip, Statement
  4. Original documents must be presented when submitting a claim to be compared with copies
  5. Medical Certificate from the Director of medical services
  6. The completed application form

Office Locations and Contacts

National Social Security Fund (NSSF)

Lot 1 Pilkington Road, Workers House, Ground Floor
P.O Box 7140, Kampala, Uganda
Tel: +256 0313 331755,
Toll Free 0800286773
Web site: National Social security Fund
Facebook: NSSF Uganda in Facebook
Tweet: NSSF Uganda in Twitter


Branch Office

Minister for Finance, Planning and Economic Development

2 – 12 Sir Apollo Kaggwa Road
Building Finance
Nakasero, Kampala 8147
Fax: +256041-4230162


  • For physically or mentally challenged individuals
  • Age limit is not a problem.


  • Free without charge


  • Valid for a specific time.

Documents to Utilize

Application Form

Processing Time

  • The maximum processing time is 5 days


  • A person can be eligible for an invalidity pension if they suffer from mental or physical impairment that is permanent that is certified by an medical board created in accordance with the Act and has contributed the minimum of 36 monthly payments in the time preceding the date of incapacity.
  • Location where Service is Provided Location Where Service Is Provided: Any NSSF Location: Office, or NSSF Head Office.

Requirements Information

  • National Identity Card Number
  • Full names
  • Nationality
  • Uganda PIN of the Revenue Authority
  • Employment location
  • Address of the employer
  • Gender
  • Birth date
  • Physical address of the applicant
  • Information about the next of kin (Name as well as ID Number, or Birth Certificate)
  • Number of NSSF
  • Full account the holder
  • Name of the Bank, Branch, and Bank Account Number
  • Beneficiary Surname.
  • Beneficiary Names Other Names and the Connection with the Deceased.

Information that can be useful

  • Invalidity benefits are a social security benefit that is paid to people who are disabled and unable to working due to disability or illness.
  • Invalidity Benefits are paid to an insured who has been certified medically as invalid and has made the minimum contribution in the scheme.
  • An invalid is someone who is most likely to remain unemployed for at least 12 months because of a specific illness or mental or bodily impairment.
  • Invalidity Pension is the name of a pension to insured individuals who are permanently unable to working due to incapacitation or illness. To qualify you must:
  • You have been unable to working for at least 12 months, and are likely to not be able to working for another 12 months (you are likely to have been receiving Illness Benefit or Disability Allowance in that period) or
  • Permanently incapable of working (in some cases of severe disability or illness it is possible to transfer your earnings directly from a social welfare benefit or your current job into Invalidity Pension).
  • A deciding official of the National Social Security Fund will look over your claim and decide your eligibility based on the criteria for qualifying as described in the preceding paragraphs.

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  • National Social Security Fund Act allows for the benefit of invalidity in the event of an occupational injury that causes permanent total incapacity for all work could be performed by the person who was able to do prior to the injury or disability started, or partial disability that blocks the person from earning a fair living.
  • A lump sum sum of employer and employee contributions as well as interest is paid in event of permanent disability.



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