How To Apply for Learner Driver License In Christmas Island

How To Apply for Learner Driver License In Christmas Island

  • Before you can apply for a temporary license, you need to acquire a learners’ permit. You will be able to obtain an permit to drive a vehicle at the age of 16.
  • It is possible to submit your application for a learners permit in the Motor Vehicle Registry (MVR) in the Shire during office hours. The applicants must provide the primary as well as secondary evidence of identity (original original documents, or certified copies) while applying to get the license. A consent letter from your legal guardian or parent is also required if are younger than 18 at the time you apply.
  • If you are applying for a learner’s permit You will be assessed an amount that permits you to complete a practical driving test. All fees have to be paid at moment of application. There is no refund in the event that your application is rejected.

Exams applicants must pass in order to get an learner’s license:

  • An Computerised Theory Test: This test is comprised of 30 multiple choice questions about roads regulations and safe driving. It is possible to make preparations for this test by reading the Drive Safe Handbook which can be purchased through the MVR and also taking the test. Practice quiz.
  • A Eyesight Test If you require any visual aids in order to be able to pass the test and pass the test, your license will be approved to prove that you have to wear the aids while driving.
  • A Medical Exam (if needed) If you are suffering from an illness that requires medical attention and/or medications, you should be able to declare it in the form you fill out when applying for the learners permit. The customer service representative will inform you if you’ll need an examination for medical reasons prior to obtaining an permit.
  • If applicants successfully pass the required test will be issued a learners’ permit. They are then able to begin learning to operate a vehicle (supervised).
  • Permit holders must adhere to all of the terms and conditions specified on the permit.

Documents that are required Learner Driver License

To apply for a learner’s permit:

  • Application form completed
  • Primary and secondary evidence of identity (original document or copies certified by a notary public only)
  • A consent form that is signed by a parent or legal guardian is required for applicants who are under 18

Office Locations and Contacts

Motor Vehicle RegistryGeorge Fam Centre
2 Murray Road
Christmas Island
Indian Ocean
Phone: (08) 9164 7768
Fax: (08) 9164 7778
Shire of Christmas Island Website

How To Apply for Learner Driver License In Christmas Island
How To Apply for Learner Driver License In Christmas Island

What Are All The Eligibility

Candidates can apply for the Learners Permit at the time they reach 16.


You can contact with the Motor Vehicle Registry for the latest fees for licencing: (08) 9164 7768.


The permit for learners can be used for a period of 12 months, and it can be renewed for free.

Documentation is needed

  • Driving licenses are an official document that allows a person to operate a motorized car, like a motorbike or car, truck, or bus, on public roads. It also serves as proof of identity and evidence of the age of the driver.
  • Before you are able to apply for a driving license, you’ll have to acquire a Learner’s Driving Permit or License first. The permit or permit for learning will permit you to test your driving (supervised) prior to taking the test for practical driving.

Information that could be helpful

Different kinds of licenses that are that are issued by Christmas Islands:

  • R-N (Moped) Class R-N licence allows you to ride any motorbike.
Minimum age requirement 16
  • R-E (Motorcycle Restricted) This license allows the holder to ride any motorbike and any motor vehicle with a maximum capacity of 250cc.
Minimum age requirement 17
  • R (Motorcycle) The license permits the holder to ride any motorbike and any motor-carrier.
To obtain a class R permit, the applicant must be had an R-E class (Motorcycle) license for at the very least one year.
  • C (Car unrestricted) The license permits the owner to drive any vehicle with an Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) of 4.5 tonnes or less. any vehicle with the capacity to transport up to 12 adults (including drivers) or mopeds.
Minimum age requirement 17
  • C-A (Car with Automatic Transmission) The license permits its holder operate any vehicle equipped with an automatic transmission with GVM of 4.5 tonnes or less. any motor vehicle that has an automatic transmission capable of carrying at least 12 adults (including drivers) as well as every moped (automatic).
Minimum age requirement 17
  • LRT (Light Rigid Vehicle) : This license permits the holders the ability to use any automobile having GVM that is greater than 4.5 tonnes, but not exceeding eight tonnes. This includes any vehicle designed to transport more than 12 adults (including drivers) however not more than 8 tons GVM as well as any vehicle classified in class C (Car).
To be eligible for an LR class licence, you must have had C (Car) license for at minimum one year.
  • The MR (Medium Rigid Vehicle) : The license allows the holders access to any automobile having more than 8 tonnes and two axles, and any vehicle that falls under the LR (Light Rigid) class. A class MR license will permit you to tow only a single trailer (not semi-trailers) which does not exceed nine tonnes of GVM.
To be eligible for a MR license, you must have been a holder of C (Car) license for at the very least one year.
  • HR (Heavy Rigid Vehicle) The HR license allows the holder access to any automobile that has GVM of more than 8 tonnes, with three or more axles as well as any motor vehicle in the MR class. A class HR license permits you to tow only a single trailer (not semi-trailers) which does not exceed 9 tons GVM.
To obtain an HR class licence, you need to have held C (Car) licence for at least two years, or a LR or MR license for a minimum of one year.
  • The HC (Heavy Combination Vehicle) This license allows the owner to drive any vehicle that has a GVM higher than 8 tonnes, and towing trailers (including semi-trailers) with a GVM of more than 9 tonnes. It is also possible to use a converter-dolly trailer to pull an unladen one or any other motor vehicle in HR class.
For an HC class license, you must hold the C (Car) licence for at least 3 years. You also need to have a HR or MR license for at minimum one year.
  • The MC (Multi-Combination Vehicle) The license allows its holders to drive any combination vehicle that tows one or more trailers with a GVM of more than 9 tonnes; as well as any motor vehicle in the the HC class.

For a MC class certificate, you must hold C (Car) licence for at least three consecutive years and an HR license with a minimum of one year or a HC license for at the very least one year.

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