How to Apply for Library Card In Bermuda

 Apply for Library Card In Bermuda By Online

  1. Go to the National library. At the front desk, ask for the registration form Please note that all residents between the ages 14-18 require parental signature. A parent has to sign a document that allows their child access to any library materials which includes internet connectivity.
  2. Complete the form and attach the necessary documents to verify
  3. After the official who assisted you has verified your documents, your information will be recorded and you’ll be issued the library card that is that is valid for a year.

Register Online:

  1. Only adults are able to apply online through the library’s website via this URL: Application
  2. How to Apply for Library Card In Bermuda
    How to Apply for Library Card In Bermuda
  3. Enter the necessary details and submit to verify and process
  4. After your application is processed and approved, you will receive a certificate with a 10-character which will allow you to download the materials in BNL’s eBook library.

NOTE:To be eligible for an Library card that is required to use the library’s resources at libraries, the Adult and Youth Libraries, you must go to at the Adult Library, 13 Queen Street, Hamilton, to apply in person.

Required Documents For Apply for Library Card

  • Application form completed

Valid ID

  • Bermuda driver’s license
  • Card for a special person
  • Voter’s registration card
  • Passport
  • Work Permits with photos
  • Employee I.D. with a unique number

Mail Accepted to Verify Address

  • E-bill
  • Utility Bill
  • Bank Statement
  • Medical Bill
  • Insurance Statement
  • Charge Account
  • School Correspondence
  • The Lease was signed

Please note that valid photo I.D. and proof of address must be valid for 30 days of the time of registration. The requirements are based on membership type sought to:

  • Return Visitor Candidates will be asked to provide a passport from abroad as well as proof of their foreign address. This information could be included in the official letter from the guesthouse or hotel to confirm their stay. If the frequent guest is staying at a private residence, they should provide the private residence’s mailing address as well as the host’s name and telephone number.
  • Student Membership The parent or legal guardian sign the student’s name, then presents their personal photo I. D. and evidence of address. Students also sign the application. The Library recommends children younger than 14 to utilize their library’s Youth Services Department of the library.
  • Temporary Membership: Members who aren’t residents of Bermuda need to have an international passport and not abroad I.D.
  • For tourists A passport from overseas along with a local address and other documents to confirm their address abroad. The duration of the stay can be confirmed with the flight ticket or hotel reservations.
  • For guests Work permits must be provided, along with an address in the local area.

Office Locations and Contacts

Bermuda National Library:
Par-la-Ville 13 Queen Street
Hamilton HM 11, Bermuda
Tel (441)299-0034
Fax (441)292-8443


  • Any person who is 18 years old or more can get a library card showing a photo ID and evidence of address.
  • The children between 14-18 years old need a parent’s approval. The parent must sign a form giving their child permission to use all library materials as well as internet access.


  • Library cards can be obtained at no cost


  • The membership should be renewed every year. The membership expires after one year from the time you sign up. Members are not required to present proof of identity, however they must bring proof of address with a valid bill. current address.


Types of Membership

  • Repeat Visitor: Those who live in Bermuda for a total of 4 weeks every year, receive an annual membership for repeat visitors free of cost.
  • The Student Member: Any student aged between 14 and 17 old are eligible for library membership. Parents or guardians sign the student’s name, and then presents their personal photo I. D. and evidence of address. Students must also complete the form. The Library recommends children who are younger than 14 years old to utilize this service. Youth Services Department of the library.
  • Temporary Membership: Those who reside located in Bermuda for at least 30 days following the signing-up date can apply to receive a temporary membership. *For tourists card: A passport from an overseas country along with a local address as well as documents to prove their address in the United States. The length of their stay can be verified using a ticket for a plane or hotel reservations.
  • For guest workers The work permit has to be provided, along with an address within the city..

The document is needed

  • National Library membership allow you to go to the library and also barrow items from the library

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