How to Apply for License to Stock And Use Of Restricted Insecticide In India

Apply for License to Stock And Use Of Restricted Insecticide In India By Yourself

  • To apply for a License to Stock and Use of Restricted Insecticide the applicant must follow the procedure.
  • The applicant should contact the licensing officer from the state department of agriculture to request the application form to apply for the license.
  • The contact information for the agriculture department is located in the contact section and location below.
  • The licensing officer approves the application form upon receipt of the fee prescribed of the candidate.
  • When an insecticide needs to be kept at more than one location an application for separate permits are issued for each of each such location.
  • The application form can be downloaded in the download form section Link Formula for Application
  • The licensing officer approves the application only if applicants meet the criteria for eligibility as stated in the section on eligibility.
  • The applicant is able to download the application form , fill in the required information and then send the request form in person to the officer who is responsible for licensing.
  • The application fee is paid by demand draft together with your application as well as the documents supporting it.
  • The verification officer , after validating the application form as well as the documents will give you the acknowledgement slip.
  • Make sure you collect the acknowledgement slip and store it in a safe place to be able to refer back to it in the future. This application is further processed internally by the authorities in charge.
  • The applicant will be informed to check the premises by the post or by mobile the need arises. The inspector for insecticide will visit the area in which the insecticide is kept.
  • The reports are sent to the officer as a reference.
  • The officer who issued the licence may after having the chance to be heard, decline to issue the license.
  • If all criteria are met, The license is issued. When the license is approved the applicant will receive an SMS or a call to the mobile number registered to obtain it.
  • The applicant may take their license to the licensing officer in the office with an acknowledgement slip.

Please choose the state’s name for the appropriate State Procedure.

Required Documents For Apply for License to Stock And Use Of Restricted Insecticide

The following documents are required

  • Application form
  • Rubber stamps in the name of the company
  • Chemist Degree Certificate
  • A list of Lab equipment’s
  • ID evidence
  • Address evidence
  • The shop’s documentation and proof of address
  • Establishment certificate
  • Aadhaar Card

Personnel Qualification Certificate

Office Locations and Contacts

Agriculture UnitDevelopment Department
11th Floor,M.S.O.Bldg.,
I.P.EastateNew Delhi-2
Email :


  • Any person who applied for license for undertaking pest control operations should be at least a graduate in Agriculture or in Science with Chemistry as a subject with a certificate of minimum 15 days training from any of the following Institutions–Central Good Technological Research Institute, Mysore; Indian Grain Storage Institute, Hapur and National Plant Protection Training Institute, Hyderabad.

Each person must, along when submitting an application for a license to operate insecticides, submit a certificate from the principal is his representative or wants to represent.


The license granted under the Insecticides (Amendment) Act lasts for the time of two years, unless it is cancelled or suspended sooner, after which it must be renewed after payment of renewal fee in accordance with the rules.


  • The license as well as any other certificate is to be kept in approved premises and available for inspection upon the request of an Inspector appointed pursuant to the Act or any other official or authority appointed by the licensing officer.
  • Any changes regarding the names of staff expert that is listed in the license must be immediately notifying the officer responsible for licensing.
  • “Restricted Usage” is a classification that restricts a product “Restricted Use” classification restricts the product, or its use only to use by a pesticide applicator who is certified or under the supervision of a certified applicator.
  • They are able to create unreasonable negative effects on the environment as well as injury to those who apply them or bystanders if they are not additional restrictions.
  • The pesticides that are restricted in use and their use on certain pests, and under certain conditions should be explicitly stated when applying for the permit.
  • A product that is labelling bears instructions for use at the end of the day and has been designated for restricted use has to be labeled according to the requirements established in the regulations of government.

Requirements Information

  • Name Email address and address of the person applying for a Name
  • Parentage
  • Address for Residence
  • Qualification
  • Premises situated at
  • PIN
  • Telephone Number
  • Email ID
  • Qualifying of the applicant/the technical staff employed by the applicant.
  • Registration number
  • Product name
  • Company number of the company
  • company name
  • percent active ingredient(s)

The Document is required

  • For the use of insecticides that are banned and labeled in the name of a a restricted insecticide, the applicant must get an appropriate permit from the government. If they fail to obtain the required license the person applying for the license is accountable to pay the penalties.
  • Even after having the license , the most care should be taken when handling them to ensure their safety.

Information that can be useful

  • A product that is classified as having a restricted use should not be advertised unless it is accompanied by a description of its restricted usage classification.
  • The product’s use can only be used with certified application specialists (or people who are under their direct supervision).


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