How to Apply for Lost Passport In Uganda

Apply for Lost Passport In Uganda By Online

  1. Go to the closest police station in Uganda Report the passport that was lost and you’ll receive the police report, which confirms that you’ve misplaced your passport.
  2. Download the application form G at any passport centres or download it on the internet. Formulation Gand fill it in following the instructions provided on the form.
  3. Send a letter containing your contact information, addressed at the passport control officer , explaining the reasons the passport was lost.
  4. Create an affidavit to prove that you lost your passport and are not able to recover it. Request an affidavit at the office of passport control.
  5. Get a form from the passport office and complete it in with the correct details.
  6. Make a trip to at any URA income collection banking institution, such for Bank of Africa, Diamond Trust Bank, Stanbic, Crane, Barclays, Orient etc. Pay the passport fees. Passport fees are payable. Passport cost Uganda Shillings, UGX 250,000 for normal applications , or the equivalent of UGX 400,000 in Express Applications (UGX 250,000 for ordinary processing plus UGX 150,000 the Express Service fee) as well as UGX 400,000 to purchase Official Passports and the Diplomatic Passports. The fees do not include charges for banks, which differ between banks i.e. UGX 2200 to UGX 3000. For lost passports, you’ll be charged a fine of up to UGX 100,000.
  7. Contact the minister of interior affairs or a border control station or office for immigration near you. Bring copies of all the necessary documents and file folders.
  8. When you arrive at the office, hand over your documents from the manila folder for the officer in charge of the passport in the section for passports.
  9. The officer will confirm the information provided by you and then submit your request to be processed.
  10. After ten working days visit the passport office in order to pick up your new passport.

If you reside in Abroad make contact with the closest Ugandan Embassy to complete your application. For example:

Register Online

Follow the steps below to complete an online application for a passport.

Step 1. Navigate to the passport portal. portal for passports
Step 2. Click the Start New Application link to start an entirely new application.
Step 3. Accept the terms and conditions set out within the Disclaimer.
Step 4. Answer simple security questions.
5. Fill out the form for passport applications.

  • Complete the required fields marked with a red asterisks in order to generate an application ID you can later use for use.

6. Fill out the Passport Payment Application Form.
7. Complete the payment for the passport type you want to purchase using the method of payment you choose.
8. Set up an appointment at an time and date that you are comfortable with by using an appointment link on the schedule Appointment link located on the homepage. Appointment Link

  • An online registration form requires applicants to fill in all the required information. Afteryou’ve filled in all the information, you’ll then be asked to look over the application form to ensure that all the information is accurate. If everything is correct, you can click on the next button to submit your final form submission.

Step 9: Print Passport Application Appointment Formula.
Step 10: Report to the selected passport Centre with the passport appointment form with the following documents/requirements.

  • A pre-filled online passport application form as well as three invoices.
  • Affidavit detailing the circumstances that led to the theft, loss, destruction or mutilation of your passport.
  • A police report regarding the disappearance of the passport. i.e. abstracts from police.
  • A letter explaining why you lost your passport.
  • Birth certificate original and copy of photocopy.
  • Original National ID Card and photocopy.
  • Three Current passport size photos.
  • Recommenders ID card copy.
  • Parents National ID card copies or death certificates If deceased.
  • For those who are under 18 years old the parent’s or legal guardian’s signed consent must be given.
  • For applicants who have been adopted, you must provide the initial adoption certificate or the clearance letter from the department of children or the Court decision or award.

11.After filing the form, the passport is prepared to be collected in the Directorate of Citizenship and immigration control centers after two working days of processing if it is express or 10 working working days of normal processing.
12.You have to provide proof of identification at the time of obtaining your passport. You can also track the application progress through your online account You will be notified via SMS or email when you are ready you are ready to pick up your passport.

Required Documents For Apply for Lost Passport

  • Fill out the G
  • Written letter describing the how the loss of passport happened.
  • Complete Questionnaire form.
  • Complete Affidavit in place of lost passport.
  • Police report confirms the loss of passport.
  • 3 passport size photographs in colour that were taken on white background.
  • Copies of identification documents.
  • If a copy of the lost passport is available , please attach it
  • Attach the receipt for payment that was issued following the payment by the bank.

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Internal Affairs
Plot 75, Jinja rd.
P.O. Box 7165, Kampala
Tel: +256414595945
Fax: +256 424 434 088
Web site: Ministry of internal affairs

Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration
Head Office
Plot 75 Jinja Road
P. O. Box 7165/7191
Kampala Uganda Uganda
Telephone number: +256 414 595 945
Fax: +256 414 348 707
Web site: Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration, Regional offices, All embassies and Consulates


  • Everyone Ugandan Passport holders lost their passports.


  • The Passport cost Uganda Shillings of UGX 250,000 for regular applications or UGX400,000 to apply for express applications (UGX 250,000 for normal processing plus UGX 150,000 for Express Service e),UGX 400,000 for Official Passports and UGX 500 000 in Diplomatic Passports. The fees are inclusive of charges for banks, which differ between banks i.e. between UGX 2200 and UGX 3000 and if your passport is lost, you’ll be charged a fine of up to UGX 100,000.


  • The validity of the passport is 10 years.

Documents to Utilize

Processing Time

  • 10 working days


  • If you’ve been denied entry into the country, you must report the incident first to your nearest police station. Then, you can make an application to get a new passport in person. Applications made by middlemen will not be considered unless the application is for minors if the application must be submitted by the parent’s authority .

The Information You Need

  • Applicant’s details
  • Residence Address
  • Information on Origin
  • Citizenship details
  • Spouse details
  • Parent’s details
  • Contacts for Next of Kin

Documentation is needed

  • Passports are needed to travel internationally or applications for travel visas.

Other uses for the Document/Certificate

  • Passports are used to verify identity.

External Links

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