How to Apply for Mineral Dealers Licence In Uganda

Apply for Mineral Dealers Licence In Uganda By Online

step I.The applicant should submit an application letter in writing requesting authorization to deal in Building or Industrial Mineral and base Metal Minerals as well as precious Metal Minerals or precious stones, indicating the following details:

  • The full name.
  • Addresses postal and physical of directors, managers, and shareholders.
  • The amount of employees.
  • The applicant’s nationality.
  • Affirmation of export permits by Commissioner
  • Documentation from Customs to export.

A certificate of approval for a mineral dealers’ licences can be obtained by contacting the Commissioner for the department of geological survey and mines Ministry of Energy and Minerals Development.
Stage II.

  • Make sure you fill out the proper application form in the format outlined by the Commissioner of the geological survey and mines department of the Ministry of Energy and Minerals Development.
  • After filling out the form, the geological survey commissioner will arrange an on-site inspection to make sure that the pertinent requirements of the rules are met. (as stipulated in Mining Act, 2003.The Mining Regulations 2004).

Third Step.

  • If the applicant meets these requirements, the Commissioner will grant the Commissioner a Mineral dealer Licence.This dealership licence is valid for only 12 months expires, and upon expiration the license is renewed and applicants are encouraged to renew at least 30 days prior to expiration.

step IV.
The establishment’s compliance with the above requirements and payment of the subscription fee will allow the Commissioner to give the establishment complete approval the issue of:

  • Annual Dealership License.
  • Establishment approval number.

Required Documents For Apply for Mineral Dealers Licence


  • Documentation for incorporation (Certified duplicates of certificates of incorporation/registration and Memorandum and Articles of agreement). – Uganda Registration Services Bureau.
  • Statement from the bank.
  • Completed Form XIV.


  • Valid identity documents e.g Passport, Voter’s card, Driving Permit or National ID.
  • Statement from the bank.
  • Completed Form XIV.
  • Statement of bank account detailing the financial status for the broker.
  • The proof of payment document.

Office Locations and Contacts

Directorate of Geological Survey and Mines
Address:Plot 21-29, Johnstone Road
Address:P.O. Box 9, Entebbe, Uganda
Phone:+256 414 320656,+256 312 262902
Web site: directorate of Geological survey

Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development.
Amber House, Plot 29/33, Kampala Road
P.O.B Kampala, Uganda
Telephone : 256 414 344
Fax : +256 414 234 732;+256 414 220
Site: Ministry of Energy and mineral Development


  • The applicant must be engaged in base metals, building minerals, or industrial stone or metal mineral activities to be eligible for a Dealership License.


  • Building or industrial minerals – 2,000,000 Ugshs.
  • Base metals (or metal that is not a precious metal) 3,000,000 Ugshs.
  • Precious metals -5,000,000 Ugshs.
  • Precious stones – 6,000,000 Ugshs


Valid for one year.

Documents to Utilize

Processing Time

Processing time for processing is 3 days.


  • The commissioner must be notified by mail five copies of filled-in application forms to be used for Mineral Dealer Licence Agency: Mines & Geology department.
  • The area which is the subject of an application to obtain an exploration license, must be rectangular in form with the minimum width not less than one-third the length. However, the Commissioner can, at his discretion, permit the area to be different from a rectangular shape if it is desirable that the boundary is identical to the boundaries of a different area or due to another reason. in this case, the minimum width can be no less than one-third the length.

Requirements Information

  • Name as well as the address for person applying
  • Address and name of the principal or firm
  • Quantity of the weight minerals(s) in carats of metric.
  • Type(s) and the number of packages
  • Number of pieces, specifications/description
  • Name(s) and address of mine(s) Name and postal address of supplier(s)
  • Name and complete address of the consignee
  • Agent and location of the export
  • Signed by the application’s applicant
  • Nationality of the applicant/country of incorporation.

Information that can be useful

  • The amount of land that mining leases can be sought must not exceed the space that is needed to implement the applicant’s plan of mining operations.
  • The form of the space should be rectangular and the size of the rectangle should not exceed one third of its length, except where it is desirable that a boundary be the same as the boundaries of an area as well as for any valid reason, the Commissioner can let a derogation from the rules in this rule.

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