How To Apply for Minor Identity (DNI/Documento Nacional de Identidad) In Argentina

How To Apply for Minor Identity (DNI/Documento Nacional de Identidad) In Argentina

  • Contact the registry and/or Documentation Center to apply for an ID. If you are within the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires you can visit the Management and Participation Centers, or arrange for your ID through the Quick Center of the Ministry of Interior and Transportation. If you’ve been registered in another country visit the Quick Documentation Centers listed below in order to complete the process within their Civil Registry delegations of their respective cities or districts.
  • The applicants need to apply in person and must be accompanied by parents who have an acceptable ID or evidence of guardianship for the legal guardians.
  • The ID card is given to the person who applied and will include the child’s fingerprint as well as his signature.
  • The ID card that is issued will be handed directly over to the address provided by the applicant, by certified mail upon receipt of proof of identity. The postal service will visit the address twice. undeliverable ID’s will be delivered to the location which processed the application which will make it accessible for pickup.

Documents that are required Minor Identity (DNI/Documento Nacional de Identidad)

  • Birth certificate that is certified and sealed by the original public office. Not a valid Certificate
  • Identification and evidence of guardianship for legal guardianship and parents

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Interior and Transport

May 25 101/145 C1002ABC – Buenos Aires

Contact Phones: (54 11) 4339-0800


Email Contact Form:

Management and Participation Centers

Quick Documentation Centres

Civil Registration Offices

What Are All The Eligibility

  • Argentine citizens
  • Ages 5 and up to 8 years old


Processing cost: $ 35

Note If you are older than 9 There will be an additional charge of $35, which brings the total processing cost to $70 ($35 plus $35)

For additional rates:

Processing Time

ID’s will be provided within 15 days following the completion of the application procedure.


The offices that are part of the Civil Registry accepts applications for the issuance of a new DNI.

The Document is required Minor Identity (DNI/Documento Nacional de Identidad)

Identification cards are a form of identification that is utilized for all private and public transactions, including immigration, banking, lobbying public trade, finance social security as well as to cast a vote.

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