How To Apply for Network Television License (NTL) In China

How To Apply for Network Television License (NTL) In China

The applicant must make a formal request to local radio or TV department of administration above those at the level of county, step-by-step following an examination SARFT approval, and then receive a “radio and TV transmission licence (wireless).”

Documents that are required Network Television License

  • The person who is the applicant, the legal entity of copies
  • The transmission of radio and television request form
  • The transmission coverage approach should be followed as well as the scope, content and service areas
  • Security solutions that are technical and technological mechanisms
  • The security of financial transactions and the sources
  • The legal origin of broadcast TV signals, transmission and transmission range were proved
  • The People’s Government was willing to sign business contracts

Office Locations and Contacts

Address of the State Administration for Radio, Film, and Television Street, Xicheng District, Beijing Fuxing outside of the 2nd
Zip Code: 100866
Local Authorities

What Are All The Eligibility

The following companies can be eligible to apply the “radio as well as television’s transmission service license (wireless)”:

  • through the SARFT authorized the establishment of television and radio organizations;
  • Broadcasting and Television Group (General Station) and its affiliated agencies by SARFT authorized the establishment;

with a wireless radio as well as television transmission coverage in state-owned or state-holding capacity institutions.


It is good for 4 years.


The Radio and Television administrative department that is part of the State Council is responsible for developing national TV stations, radio stations, and planning of the stations. It is also responsible for the selection of stations for radio as well as stations’ layouts, and structure.

The Information You Need

  • Name of the production facility
  • The nature of economics
  • Ground Site
  • Legal Representative
  • Phone
  • Zip Code
  • Fax
  • Total
  • Liquidity
  • Fixed assets

Documentation is needed

  • Network television is the process of delivering various channels consumers directly through the air, using radio waves.
  • A network may also be described as an distribution network for television content. It includes a central operating system.

Information that could be helpful

The television establishment or merger should be able to meet the following conditions

  • it is in compliance with the national radio and TV broadcasting and industrial development plans as well as relevant industry and national standards.
  • Television and radio professionals, technical equipment , and the need to conform to laws of the state;
  • are equipped with the necessary infrastructure and steady funding guarantee funds;
  • There is a clear channel position and transmission coverage determination
  • that covers the technical and methodological parameters for the transmission line in conjunction with the covering the methods and technical parameters of the national transmission network making plans.

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