How To Apply for New Passport In China

How To Apply for New Passport In China

  • Chinese citizens who have a passport that is ordinary must be submitted to its local local governments over at the level of county Public Security Bureau management agencies and provide the aforementioned genuine and authentic documents.Military personnel currently in office must follow the procedures that are in line with the administrative privileges required to perform personal applications to the subordinate units that are local government bodies that are higher than the county at the county Public Security Bureau management agencies.

Documents that are required Apply for New Passport

  • 3 photos of the applicant’s recent front facing (within the last six months) bust-bareheaded color photograph (two-inch high-gloss photopaper with a white and light blue background. Hair of the applicant should not be a distraction to the eyes, there should not be heavy makeup. Applicants should wear dark attire with a collar not wearing uniforms, no tinted glasses, or wearing of glasses that are thick and eyeglass frames should not obscure the eyes, and lenses are non-reflective are not permitted. Head cover-ups, or non-permanent accessories must not cover eyes ). Dimensions of the photo are length 48 mm wide 33 millimeters, 28-33 mm portrait of the head with a head width of 21-24 millimeters.
  • Resident booklet and original resident identity card. If the residency ID card you have is currently in renewal, application, or replacement period , you may apply for the temporary resident ID card; city collective residents can submit the collective account card. Candidates applying online with a pre-accepted code are must hold a pre-appointment prior to the scheduled time in order to access the hall “Online Pre-Application Acceptance” window to fill out documents for application and the related process.
  • Completed “Chinese citizens normal visa Application form” (demonstration of the form) .
  • Affiliating to the national registered office, they must provide a consent form from their unit of work or supervisor, based on the approval of the authority for personnel management and an “consent to immigration documents show” (valid valid for 6 months) and an official seal.
  • To expedite processing, applicants are required to attach with the application the appropriate evidence material (all documents in foreign languages required that be converted in Chinese by the chosen translation agency for foreign languages).


to receive expedited service, there is no need to pay an fees for expedited service. (Expedited service temporarily unavailable to book a reservation on the internet.)

Office Locations and Contacts

Candidates who reside in their hometowns and active military personnel placed local government bodies over that of the local level Public Security Bureau management agency.Ministry of Foreign Affairs Department of State of all levels of government, authorized through the Foreign Affairs Office, all local security authorities approved through The Ministry of Public Security.


First application, renewal, replacement (excluding loss replacement) Passport RMB200/book, lost replacement passport RMB400/book.


Official and diplomatic passports can be used for a period of five years. Ordinary passports last only 10 years. A new passport is issued following the expiration. HKSAR passports usually last until 10 years. Children who are issued a 16 years of age are valid for 5 years. Macao SAR passports are usually good up to 10 years. Children who are issued a passport that is less than 18 years of age are valid for 5 years.

Processing Time

  • Request ordinary passports as well as other passports renewal, and are ready within fifteen days after the acceptance date
  • Emergency processing is urgent In 5 working days, your passports will be in place;
  • The time spent investigating is not part of the time to commit to licensing;
  • Areas that are remote or difficult to access or passports are not issued in the scheduled time frame due to exceptional situations, but with the approval of local people’s government in the province level Public Security Bureau regulatory agencies The issue of time could be extended up to 30 days.

Passport license of receipts by the applicants for passports must be accompanied by a license receipt when they you visit the immigration center to apply for a new passport. When completing the applicationprocess, you can apply for post delivery. The person who is entrusted with the passport. You must provide a license receipt and an authority to act, and the original identification proof of the person entrusted.


Types of passports

People’s Republic of China passport is issued to the citizens who are members of the Chinese government for admission into China (territory) and out of within the nation (territory) during travel or living in the country, to show their Chinese identity and citizenship documents. PRC passports are divided as official passports, diplomatic passports ordinary passports, and Special Administrative Region (SAR) passports. Official passports are classified into official passports and an ordinary passports. SAR passports are split in Hong Kong SAR passport and the Macao SAR passports. Diplomatic passports as well as official passports and an ordinary passports are referred to by the name of “Public affairs Passport”.

  • Diplomatic passports will be granted for the Chinese government, the party and military officials and for the National People’s Congress and the Chinese People’s Political principal leaders of the political parties with democratic principles diplomats, consular officers, diplomats as well as their spouses who accompany them minor children and diplomatic couriers, etc.
  • The official passport is issued to the deputy division and above of officials from the government diplomats stationed in foreign countries, consular offices, consular offices, the United Nations Organization or its special agencies officials, their spouses, minor children, and so on.
  • The passport is issued as an official ordinary one for officials in government department that are below deputy level as well as employees of state-owned enterprises traveling to foreign countries for business.
  • Ordinary passports are issued to Chinese citizens who have moved in other countries visiting relatives or friends, inheriting property, work, study or tourism, as well as for various other business transactions that are private in nature.
  • HKSAR passports are is issued for holders of Hong Kong permanent identity of Chinese citizens.
  • Macao SAR passport issued to those Chinese holders of those Macao SAR permanent identity cards.

Application Requirements

In the case of applicants who meet the following criteria and those who meet the following conditions, Public Security Bureau management agency cannot issue passports with ordinary names:

  • Does not hold the citizenship from The People’s Republic China;
  • Inability to prove identity
  • Incorrect application procedure;
  • Was sentenced, and they are still is serving their sentences.
  • The People’s Courts have civil cases pending notice , and are not allowed leaving the nation.
  • As a member of the criminal defendants in criminal cases or suspects in criminal cases;
  • As per the State Council department in charge that the country’s exit could harm the security of the nation or security interests due to major loss.

Citizens who are unable to access the border (border) management are subject to penalties for criminal conduct or for illegal departure and residency, or illegal employment , were repatriated. Public Security Bureau management agencies will not issue ordinary passports for 6 months up to three years after the end of their sentence or repatriated date.

Requirements Information

  • When traveling on tour abroad is required to join the travel agency that is licensed to conduct an oversea cruise; get an invoice indicating the complete amount billed by the travel agent and then visit the immigration department of your home to obtain a passport;
  • If you’re traveling on your own and not participating in the tour, you must pay an equivalent amount of $4,000 in any currency of the world to the bank. You must bring the bank deposit slips to the border department to be able to apply for the passport.

According to the relevant requirements for non-official passports the applicant must submit the application at the location in your home town in the County Public Security Bureau immigration management department, and answer any questions. You will then complete the following steps:

  • Complete the “private citizens Passport application form” Recent colored photos of their bareheads 2 pcs ( dimensions 48X33MM);
  • Identification card of the resident to inspect or residence booklet, or any other documents proving residence and a photocopy (children who are younger than 16 years age do not have to meet the ID card obligation) ;
  • The applicant was subjected to an either the opinion of an occupation unit or police station opinions;

The following cases are exempted from the purpose of a ruling:

  • Children aged 16 and younger;
  • General population of 60+ years old. (above county retirees who go back to their respective occupational unit and should be able to add their opinions ) ;
  • The general population also requires identification cards, a residence booklet , to apply for a regular (except state officials financial systems, state officials employees, tax, financial personnel etc.).
  • The same proof is required for travel to another country:

Tourism : Join a tour when you travel overseas, must submit travel agency’s complete amount invoice for travel expenses issued by an approved travel agency oversea for individual journeys for personal reasons requires to provide not less than USD4,000 or equivalent in foreign bank statement of deposit in the currency.

  • To receive medical treatment in another country or visits to critically ill patients funerals abroad, studying abroad, school term approaching and admission permit or visa for the country with a near expiration date, or expiring, these special circumstances, you will need an emergency passport. If one must provide the appropriate proof, and the public security agency will speed up the process.

Documentation is needed

People’s Republic of China passport is a document issued to citizens who wish to journeys out of the country as well as abroad at the time of their residence, to verify their citizenship as well as identity.



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