How to Apply for Non-Resident Trader Licence In Isle Of Man

 Apply for Non-Resident Trader Licence In Isle Of Man By Online

Here’s how to apply for an N.R.T. Licence:

  • It is necessary to fill out your application. The link to download the application form is located under the Documents to Use’. Fill out the form using BLOCK CAPITALS, using dark ink or typescript. If you need to add additional space to complete any of the sections in the application, make use of a separate sheet of paper, and place the correct section number on you writing.
  • Attach a check made that is payable to the the ISLE OF THE MAN GOVERNMENT.
  • It is also necessary to add to your application an original copy of your insurance certificate that covers the time frame for which the license is sought. Also, a copy of any advert that is expected to be printed as part of the sale proposed.
  • Complete the form and mail it, along with a money order to: Isle of Man , Office for Fair Trading
    Thie Slieau Whallian
    Foxdale Road, St John’s
    Isle of Man, IM4 3AS
  • The Office of Fair Trading will not grant a trader a license in the event that it is not satisfied by the evidence that the trader has been proven to be a suitable and legitimate person. Be aware that the Office is required to conduct a check of the police records for any person listed as a candidate on an application.

Documents Required For Apply for Non-Resident Trader Licence

  • The completed application form
  • Cheque payable to ISLE OF MAN GOVERNMENT
  • Copy of your insurance certificate for the time frame for which you require the license
  • Copy of any advertisement that is likely to be printed to promote the sale

Office Locations and Contacts

Isle of Man Office of Fair Trading
Thie Slieau Whallian
Foxdale Road,
St John’s Isle of Man,
British Isles
Tel: (01624) 686520
Fax: (01624) 686504


  • Traders who are off-island and who decide to conduct occasional transactions with Isle of Man Isle of Man are considered to be non-resident traders (NRT)
  • Anyone who is a resident of the Isle of Man shall be considered a non-resident trader if he is an agent for another person who is not a resident of the Isle of Man.

Individuals who are exempt from the provisions under the Non-Resident Traders Act are as the following:

  • Commercial travelers and other people soliciting or selling items from:
    • Dealers and who purchase to sell on the secondary market;
    • People who purchase these goods to use (other than the resale) for their own business.
  • Individuals who sell products at an exhibition that has been that has been approved through the Office.
  • Anyone selling, or exposing goods for sale, for the benefit of a charitable or social organization that is that is approved by the Office and authorized by the organisation to sell or offer the goods.
  • Anyone who owns property within the Island from where goods are normally sold at retail for at least two weeks of each year, and with respect to which the person has to pay a price (the the proof of this shall be on the person) for the authority local to him responsible for the district within which the premises are located.
  • Any person who sells , offers for sale or solicits orders to sell any item as part of a legitimate mail order business


License fees currently:PS2,310 for the first 3 days that the license is in effect and for each subsequent day, you’ll need to pay PS350
If the vendor is participating in an event that has been certified through the Department of Economic Development as relevant to the tourism industry AND the merchandise is directly linked to that event the cost will be reduced by PS470 however it is valid for the duration of the event only.

Documents to Utilize

Application Form Non-Resident Trader Licence



According to the Act of 1983 on Non-Resident Traders, traders who are not resident of the Isle of Man and who plans to sell or expose or solicit orders to sell products to the general public on the island must be issued a Non-Resident Trader’s Licence at the Office of Fair Trading.

Requirements Information

  • Name of the applicant (if it is a partnership or sole trader, provide the complete names of all individuals)
    • Partnerships and sole traders – provide the date and location of birth and the current address for each of the individuals
    • Body corporate – List names, dates and locations of birth as well as actual address and phone number of company’s Director and Secretary
  • Body corporate, provide Registered Office address:
    • Complete address(es) for all businesses of the applicant’s locations outside of the Isle of Man
    • How long have you been operating at the above address(es)
    • Description of the kind of business conducted at this address(es), i.e. wholesale, import retail, wholesale etc.
  • Name, date and location of birth and the address of anyone not listed on this application that could influence or direct the way the business is managed
  • If the person applying has changed their names via deed-poll or marriage or used different names, include the full information in the application form – title, full name before as well as the full name currently in use.
    • Information about all UK Consumer Credit Licence previously or currently owned by anyone named on this application
    • Information on whether any person named in this application ever been denied a license in accordance with the UK Consumer Credit Act or had their licence cancelled or taken away
  • Business name that will be conducted under the Isle of Man
    • The full address(es) that correspond to the applicants planned place(s) where they will conduct business within the Isle of Man
    • The time period for which the license is required
    • The hours during which business will be conducted
    • Give the full name and permanent contact details of an “authorised representative” who is responsible for the actions of the applicant while he or she is trading within the Isle of Man. The person must be authorized for speaking on behalf of applicant as well as be able to access documents.
    • The place where the authorized representative will reside during the license time
  • All details about the goods to be sold
  • If it is electrical items, please provide the details of the process you’ve that was arranged (i.e. the local repair agent) to facilitate the repair or service of these products in accordance with the warranty.
  • Value Tax added number

The full names as well as addresses for any person(s) not listed on the form that is working for applicant’s company on Isle of Man

Information that could be helpful

Terms and conditions:

    • The license holder must at all times allow an authorized officer access to the premises of his business to verify whether the obligations in the Act are being met.
    • The license holder is allowed to be in business during the hours stated on the license.

The holder of the license must keep a reasonable standard of service and quality that is in line with the cost paid.

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