How to Apply For Obtain a Birth Certificate in Hungary

Apply For Obtain a Birth Certificate in Hungary

  • Get the birth certificate at the hospital.
  • Please name your child.
  • The person must go to the local municipal office of registry (Anyaknyvi Hivatal) and ask for the certificate.

Required Documents For Obtain a Birth Certificate

  1. The proof of birth is available from the hospital.
  2. Please read the information required section.

Office Locations and Contacts

The local municipality’s registry office is located in the area where the birth occurred.

One can find the address of the local registry office on the following site: 

There is a section called finding an office(“Hivatalkeres?”) at the right side of the page. The user must choose Anyaknyvvezet? from the drop-down list followed by the Telepls the neve (place that was the birthplace, place of birth, or the city) The Keress button will display the results. It will display the executive address on a map and contact details as well.

What are all the Eligibility

Any Hungarian nationality owner can request a Hungarian birth certificate.


It’s free to get it, however, if it goes missing it must be replaced with 2000 Forints. be paid in order to obtain an additional copy.


Birth Certificate valid for life

Processing Time

Around 30 days.


The certificate is granted by the local municipality’s registration office (Anyaknyvi Hivatal) or through the Hungarian Embassy. Also, it is possible to grant another person the authority to make the request.

Requirements Information

  • Birth date
  • The place of birth
  • the place of origin
  • Child’s name or sexual sex
  • information of parents
  • Parents’ nationality

The document is needed

  • Birth certificates are the most essential identification document, making it possible for any person who has it to take advantage of services provided by the government. It is a legal requirement to record birth certificates. Birth certificates are the basic document required for almost every service in Hungary and, consequently, lets a person obtain various other documents from the government.
  • Birth certificates are the sole valid document used to establish the date and location of birth. A birth must be announced on the following day of work as the current.

Other uses for the Document/Certificate

Birth Certificates can serve to prove your identity when seeking identity documents.

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