How to Apply For Obtain a Police Clearance Certificate (Certificate of Good Conduct) in Hungary

Apply For Obtain a Police Clearance Certificate (Certificate of Good Conduct) in Hungary by yourself

PROCESS for CITIZENS and NON CITIZENS of Hungary – both those who live in Hungary and OUTSIDE HUNGARY

I. Application process in Hungary

  • The applicant must submit an application at the “KEKKH” Customer Service Center.
  • Contact link: contact link
  • Visit the office of the relevant department. (1133 Budapest, Visegradi utca 110-112.)
    • during the opening hours Monday through Thursday, 8:00-16:30. on Friday , 8:00 – 14.00
  • Remember to bring the necessary documents’ copies and originals in the post office.
  • Talk to the authority regarding your request. According to the advice of authorities, you must submit your application along with supporting documents.
  • The applicant must pay for the certificate in accordance with the procedure instructed.
  • The document can be obtained at the location where the applicants applied in person on the notification.

b. Online application – Hungary Apply for an police clearance Certificate (Certificate for Good Conduct) Online and with photos

  • You are able to apply online if already have a registered account at the Customer Service Centre and possess an electronic signature that is recognized using the portal: the online portal
  • Apply online for a job: link
  • The home page contains details for applicants to complete and other details.
  • Log in using the tab on the upper right corner to access your login page.
  • Applicant must choose the appropriate tab for processing the application. After the application is processed, applicants will receive the certificate via mail to notify.
  • c. By “OkmanyApp” mobile application:
  • You can apply via the mobile application.
  • Download link to the application: online
  • After the app has been installed, the user must choose the “Request information on the criminal record” (free free service) option following the initial registration and log-in process as directed.
  • The certificate will be sent via the mail, if applicable, or according to the department’s decision.

d. Mail(Post)

  • Application form and attach all required documents required to submit the application via the mail.
  • The application form, as well as instructions for filling it out is found at local post offices. link
  • The completed application form together with the required documents should be delivered via registered mail to the below address:
Central Office for Administrative and Electronic Public Services 1475 Budapest, Pf. : 172.
  • The application will be processed. Certificate will be sent by post as a recorded delivery. The certificate may be received at the address specified on the application. In this instance, the person who signed the application has sole rights to the receipt.
  • II. Application process for overseas application
  • a. Apply to Hungarian consulate or embassy
  • Candidates can apply through their closest Hungarian consulate or embassy.
  • Link to find the consulate or embassy Link
  • Call the office and make an appointment. You will also be able to find specifics of this process.
  • At the time of the appointment when the appointment is scheduled, make sure you go to the office with the documents original form and with copies.
  • Follow the officer’s guidelines for processing your application.
  • The consular fee is to be paid. The fee for consular service varies depending on consulates.
  • This application will be reviewed by the department responsible for it. The certificates that are completed are sent to consulates.
  • If the law of the country of residence doesn’t permit it then we send the certificate with a paper copy to the consulate through diplomatic service via the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.
  • The applicant should collect the certification at the office of the applicant upon notification.

Required Documents For Obtain a Police Clearance Certificate

country specific

  • A valid identity document (identity card or passport, driving licence, etc.))
  • Address card (official certification of personal identifier and the address of your residence)
  • Copy of the residence license
  • Document of the detailed regulations – Government Decree 180/2005(IX.9.) (In the event of submitting a no-cost request for free of

Foreign national

  • A duplicate of your passport when staying in Hungary.
  • A duplicate of your permit for your stay in Hungary as well as your passport number and location of issue , as well.

In general

  • Application form
  • Valid passport (attested copy in accordance with the requirements)
  • Valid proof of citizenship (respective identity cards issued by each country)
  • Size of passport photos
  • Birth certificate (as per requirement)
  • Legal proofs (copy of the passport used during the period of time, with the appropriate stamp and seal)
  • An email address (useful to let you know of problems with the application).
  • Self-addressed envelopes that is stamped or not (as is required)
  • Contact number valid (applicant may be transmitted)

Office Locations and Contacts

Central Office for Administrative and Electronic Public Services,1094 Budapest, Balazs Bela utca 35.
Address of the post office 1476 Budapest, Pf. : 281.
Phone: +36-1- 550-1730
Fax: +36-1-455-6875
Contacts link

What are all the Eligibility

  • The applicant must have a valid passport and an acceptable address proof.
  • Age: 15 years old and over. For minors applications must be made by the parent who has parental authority, even if the minor is not yet sixteen years old.
  • The residence address for the applicant has to be the same as that on the passport along with other documents supporting it.
  • Candidates who require of a residence status, employment or a long time visa or are seeking to move to a foreign country.


  • Four times per year for free. In addition, it will be the amount stipulated in the Act XCIII of 1990 on Taxes (3 3000 HUF).
  • For paper-based application, revenue stamps can be bought at post offices.
  • If you are applying electronically, it can be done via bank transfer or an electronic (online) credit card, you can use “Electronic payment and settlement system (EFER)”.
  • If you submit your application in person to the personal “Customer Service Centre of the KEKKH” with a the revenue stamp or credit card.
  • The cost varies depending on the instance. A new fee requirement will be announced by the respective authorities when applying.


  • The certificate is valid for 90 days after the date of issue until the date of expiration, unless an act specifies otherwise.
  • Validity norms differ between countries.

Documents to Utilize

Applications can be made through Client Gate. client Gate.

Examples of Documents

Instructions for filling out the application form for Police Clearance Certificate; Sample application form

Processing Time

  • It will issue the Certificate within eight days following the acceptance of the request.
  • In the event of submission by one’s own body – 1 day up or more.

Processing times vary according to the country where it was applied.


A Official Certificate of Good Conduct can only be obtained in person, by an appointment

One Certificate can issue per applicant. If there’s a need to issue more certificates, a new application is required for each certificate and a the fee for service must be paid per application.

The application is made

  • Post it to the official form of application
  • by phone through Government Customer Line 1818,
  • electronically, using electronically using Client Gate on via the Hungarian eGovernment portal online, in which case Client Gate authentication is mandatory.
  • personally directly at personally at the Customer Service of the Criminal Records Authority in Budapest in the event of priority service
  • in person in person Hungarian Consulates or Embassies abroad.

Requirements Information

  • Hungarian Personal Identification Number (shown on the reverse on the Hungarian address card). Not valid for foreigners.
  • Name (family name Name (family name, first name/sName (family name, first name/s)
  • Name of the family (at the date of birth)
  • Location (town) at birth
  • Birth date
  • Citizenship
  • Maiden name of the family name of mother.
  • Current address of residence

The Document is required

  • The police certification is a formal document given by the authorities of the police department or other government agency to identify any criminal record the person might or might not have. Criminal records can include convictions, arrests and even criminal legal proceedings.
  • The Official Certificate of Good Conduct is issued on the basis of data stored within Criminal Records. The certificates are not based on information associated with offence investigations.
  • The Hungarian Police Clearance Certificate (also called the Certificate of Good Character) is issued on the basis by the person who requires it.

Information that could be helpful

The application for certificate can be made

  • by post
    • This application is available in an all-inclusive postal package, which includes instructions to complete it at the post offices:
  • “Application form to obtain An Official Certificate of Good Conduct” on a green-striped envelope
    • The application form that has been completed must be mailed along with the payment via registered mail to the below address:
Kzigazgatsi s Elektronikus Kzszolgltatsok Kzponti Hivatala
(Central Office for Electronic and Administrative Public Services) (Central Office for Administrative and Electronic Public)
1475 Budapest, Pf. : 172.

Other uses for the document/certificate

The good conduct certificate will prove that the person has been a good citizen.

  • There is no record of it in the registry of those who have been convicted or
  • does not have the effect of depriving civil rights and/or
  • cannot be prevented from engaging in an occupation or profession is not hindered from engaging in a profession or activity
  • is in compliance with the terms of the Hungarian law.

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