How to Apply For Obtain a Police Clearance Certificate in Denmark

Apply For Obtain a Police Clearance Certificate in Denmark

In online to Denmark Get the police Clearance Certificate Online and upload your own images

How to Apply For Obtain a Police Clearance Certificate in Denmark
How to Apply For Obtain a Police Clearance Certificate in Denmark
  1. Police Clearance Certificate is available online, provided you have an NemID to purchase the certificate on the internet.
  2. Link for contact: link
  3. Click on”Start”. Click in the “Start” button below the headline “Bestil private straffeattest” (Order an official certificate for criminal records)
  4. Please select the “continue” option on the new page to get to Nemlogin page.
  5. Log in using NemID according to the option offered.
  6. Follow the prompts on the page. After all the prompts have been completed, click the appropriate tab to obtain the certification for a conviction record(Danish, German, English, French or Spanish)

The process of applying in Denmark for Danish citizens.

a.By Yourself
  1. Police Clearance Certificates are used at your local police station.
  2. Contact Information Link: link
  3. The applicant can follow the above link to find the police station where they can apply.
  4. Make your way to the appropriate office. Make sure to bring the necessary copy of documents and originals with you at the time of visit to office.
  5. Follow the official guidelines and submit your complete application with all the required the required documents. The applicant is responsible for paying any fees if needed as per the instructions.
  6. The application will be handled by the appropriate department.
  7. The certificate is available at the place where the applicants applied in person. It it will be sent by mail following notification or issuing as per the rules.

Application process – for citizens who are not citizens of Denmark is also applicable to overseas citizens and non-citizens.

a. You can apply via mail(post)
  1. People who are already registered in the “National Registry for Denmark” may apply to”the “the Director of Police in Denmark” to get the PCC via mail(post).
  2. Attach the filled-in application, all the necessary documents as well as the fee payment details…
  3. Mail(post) this documents to:
Center of Almen Jura,
Kriminalregisteret, Polititovert 14,
1789 Copenhagen W, Denmark.
Tel: +45 35 21 62 16 / Fax: +45 35 21 02 20
  • The application is processed by the relevant department. This certificate is given to the applicant according to guidelines.

Required Documents For Obtain a Police Clearance Certificate

country specific

  • Identity document valid (identity card passport, driving license, or identification card).
  • Valid passport.
  • Citizenship proof/Document for National Identity (DNI)

Foreign national

  • A duplicate of your passport when you are in Denmark.
  • A duplicate of your permit for your stay in Denmark as well as your passport number, and the place where it was issued as well.
  • Legal proof of stay (copy of passport issued during that time period, and with the appropriate stamp and seal).

In general

  • Application form
  • NemID
  • Valid proof of citizenship with a photograph (respective identification issued by the the respective country).
  • E-mail ID (useful to relay problems with your application)
  • Self-addressed envelope, either with stamps or no (as as).
  • A valid contact number (applicant is able to be shared)
  • More Details “National Registry for Denmark”
  • Passport-size photos.
  • Birth certificate (as per requirement).

Office Locations and Contacts

RigspolitietCenter for Almen Jura,
Kriminalregisteret, Polititovert 14,
1789 Copenhagen W, Denmark.
Tel: +45 35 21 62 16 / Fax: +45 35 21 02 20

Contacts hyperlink to link

What are all the Eligibility

  • A person who has a valid passport as well as an acceptable address proof.
  • Age of 16 or over. For minors applications must be signed by the parent with parental authority, even if the minor is not yet 16 yet.
  • The location of the applicant should be identical to the address on the passport along with other documents supporting it.
  • The applicants must be in need of a residence status, employment or a long term visas or to be admitted to a foreign country.


  • Fees are not required.
  • The cost varies from the particular the case. The latest charge requirements will be made available by the relevant authorities when applying.


Validity standards vary between countries.

Processing Time

  • In person, the process is quick.
  • 10 to 15 days if applying via mail(post)
  • Processing times vary according to the country in which it was the application was made.


You can only order two criminal records in one day, and five criminal records in 14 days. If you order private criminal records in multiple languages, it is the only criminal record. Request the copy of your personal criminal record two methods: in person by visiting any police station, or you can request a digital copy.

The Information You Need

  • Your full name
  • Your birth date and the place of birthplace and date of
  • Your current addresses for residence
  • The reason for the request

The Document is required

The police certification is a formal document issued by the police department or a government agency in an country to record any criminal convictions that an applicant may or might not have. Criminal records could include convictions, arrests or criminal legal proceedings.

Individually, as a person are entitled to ask for a copy of your personal criminal history. The record reveals violations related to Criminal Law (judgments, fines and disqualifications, as well as settlements with the conditions), Law on Narcotics (judgments and settlements that include terms) as well as Law on Residency (judgments and settlement of conditions). You may request a copy criminal record that is written on it in Danish, English, German, French and Spanish, in the event that the criminal record is not in good standing, it will only be delivered in Danish

The following are steps to follow to apply for an Police Clearance or Criminal Record.

Information that could be helpful

Table tableau will tell you how long an offence remains within your criminal records.

External Links

  • Danish Police Site:


The application submitted via fax to the number for fax listed could not get any responses from this office.

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