How to Apply For Obtain a Student Pilot Certificate in Egypt

Apply For Obtain a Student Pilot Certificate in Egypt

Obtaining a student pilot certificate authorizing Airplane single-engine,Helicopter,Glider and/or Motorglider,solo flight requires 4 steps

Step 1: The applicants must be between age of 18 and 20 for gliders and balloons) and must be single.

which includes
(1) Twelve hours instruction (1) 12 hours of training if the certificate is for an airplane or Helicopter rating.
(2) six hours of instruction, when the license is for an Glider.
(3) 10-hours of training , if it is for an Motor Glider.

Step 2 – Take an air-borne physical exam administered through an Aviation Medical Examiner (for engines only for aircraft, not including balloons, gliders or gliders). balloons)Minimum length of 1.68 meters , or 5.5ft to males, and 1.65m (or 5.4ft to females.

Students taking part in a program for students pilot certificate must successfully pass the medical examination stage check and final tests according to the school’s official training course that includes the authorized zones of operation.

Step 3: Get ground and flight instructions

A student pilot should not fly on their own without the supervision of or under the direction of an ECAA approved flight instructor.

Step 4 – Get An endorsement through a certified flight instructor

(1) for an aircraft single-engine course 12 hours of flight-training by a certified flight instructor in the zones of operation.
(2) (2) Helicopter course: 12 hours of flight training with an approved flight instructor in the areas of operation that are approved.
(3) For an introductory glider course Six hours of flight instruction from an approved flight instructor in the areas of operation that are approved for use

Step 5: All applicants need to be medically fit and have met the Egyptian health and employment requirements.

  • If you’re healthy and are able to get the Medical Certificate, schedule an appointment and complete the application before you go to see your doctor. Make sure you are honest on the application particularly in the case of drunk driving-related driving violations. The ECAA is able to and will verify their answers to their National Driver Register database. False statements can result in fines and suspension of certificates.
  • At some point during the process, you’ll be asked to select the class of medical that you wish to submit an application for. You must plan to get the medical class certificate necessary, in order to obtain the certificate at the level you’d like.
  • This will let you know whether you’re medically qualified to receive that certificate. Knowing this now is much better than waiting until you’ve paid thousands of pounds on training for a certification that you might not be able to utilize in the future.

Required Documents For Obtain a Student Pilot Certificate

  • It is necessary to have an official medical certificate.
  • A valid medical certificate of third class or a valid driver’s license.
  • A knowledge test
  • a sport pilot certificate.

Candidates will have to submit the these documents if they are selected for the test for zonal recruitment:

  • Two recent passport size photos to be countersigned and stamped by an officer with the appropriate rank,
  • Local Government Chairmen/Secretaries, as well as other officers with specific responsibilities
  • Photocopies of:
  • Birth Certificate/Declaration of Age.
  • Educational/ Trade Certificates.

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Transportation

“Mr. Hany Sayed Mohamed Dahy image

Address: Nasr Road, Nasr City, Cairo

Telephone number: 2400814 22604884

Fax: 22610510

E-mail N/A


Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority??)

TEL: 002 22677617

AX: 002 22688232



How to Apply For Obtain a Student Pilot Certificate in Egypt
How to Apply For Obtain a Student Pilot Certificate in Egypt

What are all the Eligibility

The applicant must be able to show and hold an Egyptian high school certificates or an similar foreign equivalent high school diploma prior to registering in the flight portion of the student license.

You’re eligible if

  • At minimum the age of 18. If you intend to fly a glider, or a balloon or balloon, you must be 20 years old.
  • You are able to read, speak and understand English
  • You have at least three-class medical certification. If you intend to fly a glider or balloon, you will need to prove that you do not have no medical issue that would render you ineligible to pilot balloons or gliders.

You must be able to fly by yourself, you must learn to fly a glider or Helicopter. There is no need for an instructor’s certificate to learn flying.


A certificate for a student pilot expires in 24 calendar months after the month it was issued.

Processing Time

Processing can take 3 months.


A certificate for a student pilot is not transferable into the brand new certification. Keep the original certificate to keep a record of endorsements.

Requirements Information

  • A Egyptian high school diploma or an equivalent international high school diploma
  • Computerized Aeronautical Knowledge Test
  • Compile and record a specific amount of experience and training document.
  • A third-class medical certificate.
  • Computerized Aeronautical Knowledge Test
  • A record of Hours of Flight Experience
  • An evidence of Pass an oral and flight test conducted by an ECAA inspector.
  • A flight instructor’s certification; .


The Document is required

A certificate for a student pilot is issued to pilots who is in training. It is required in order for the trainee to be able to fly solo in an aircraft or on their own.

A student pilot may be equipped to fly the following aircrafts during the course of training.

(a) Airplane single-engine.
(b) Helicopter.
(c) Glider or Motorglider
  • It is typically given by a doctor that is an accredited medical examiner for aviation, together with the student’s initial medical certificate.
  • A doctor can issue a mix doctoral and student pilot certificate when the applicant is in compliance with medical standards . The instructor of the flight will sign off on the certificate once the student is able to meet the certain training endorsement requirements (including those for solo flights).
  • You’ll require the Student Pilot Certificate before your first solo flight; that wonderful moment when your instructor is confident enough to have confidence in you to let you out of the plane and take you off on your own. The certificate can be obtained anytime prior to your solo.

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