How to Apply For Obtain Permanent Residence Card in Hungary

Apply For Obtain Permanent Residence Card in Hungary

  • The applicant needs to fill out a form with the other documents required as well as pay for the processing fees.
  • In order to apply for the procedure applicants are required to show up in person except if he or she is unable to attend due to an illness or medical condition.
  • EEA citizens and their family members are able to apply for permanent residence at the regional office in charge of the applicant’s place of residence. A authentic travel documents or identification cards should be provided upon acceptance of the application along with the supporting documents or other documents mentioned in the decree to prove an uninterrupted and legal residence.


The first day of staying within the country of Hungary without interruption, unless determined, the day that the EEA citizens remain for more than 90 days in 180 days of being reported or the day on which an form for applying for residence card of the family of a citizen from a third country member is made.

Required Documents For Obtain Permanent Residence Card

Evidence of Familial Relationship:

  • Birth certificate
  • Certificate of marriage
  • Deed of Adoption
  • Other acceptable documents

Birth or marriage certificates can also refer to any similar document issued by an authority from a foreign country. A marriage certificate signed by a foreign citizen spouse of an Hungarian citizen is only accepted once it has been registered in Hungary.

Foreign-issued public documents or a private document issued by an administration body or notary public or any other person authorized for the issue of authentic papers will only be valid according to Hungarian legislation, and only if stipulated by a statute or international agreement or any practice that is reciprocal to this matter, if the document has been issued with diplomatic authenticity by a consular or diplomatic office of Hungary located in the state of location of the issue. Documents issued in a different language than Hungarian will only be accepted when a translation is added to the application and the translation is done by an official translator.

Documents to be provided to prove the applicant’s financial situation essential to allow them to stay in Hungary

  • An official document that proves the income earned through a paid task (e.g. the contract of employment or a certificate that proves income from the company, or a certificate from a tax authority minutes of a meetings of members to prove income earned as an executive director);
  • an account balance statement or an extract of the account’s turnover that is issued in the name of the person who signed it or that of a family member.

Documents that prove that there is an all-inclusive health insurance plan that is available to the prospective applicant

If you are applying for a residence permit, it is required to be confirmed by a document that states the applicant is protected by the full range of health care services (is qualified to access the health services specifically due to specific laws or international agreement or a separate agreement regarding social insurance) or can pay for the expenses of providing health services using the money available to the applicant.

Office Locations and Contacts

Immigration and Nationality Office

Central Office Physical Address 1117 Budapest The Budafoki Straße 60 Map
Postal Address 1903 Budapest, Pf. 314
Phone: 0036-1-463-9100
Fax: 0036-1-463-9108

Lookup Regional Offices

What are all the Eligibility

People who could be granted permanent residence status:

  • An EEA citizen who has lived legally and continuously on Hungary. Hungary
  • a national of a third country or a family member who has been legally and within the borders of Hungary for five years
  • with regard to the EEA citizen or Hungarian citizen is entitled to remain and is legally and uninterruptedly on Hungary for five years. Hungary in Hungary for five or more years
  • A baby is born in Hungary to an individual parent with an right to reside permanently
  • A family member of an Hungarian citizenwith the the exception of the spouse who lives in a conjugal society with the Hungarian citizen for at least one year
  • the spouse of the spouse of a Hungarian citizen, who was married during a minimum of two years prior to the time of the application. The union has been in place since the time of submission.

A EEA citizen who has been within the territory of Hungary for continuous work is eligible for permanent residence prior to the expiration of the residence permit when:

  • A EEA citizen has been living within the country of Hungary indefinitely for at minimum three years. When the period of gainful employment came to an end, at the time he/she was eligible for pension eligibility, or he/she quit gainful employment to qualify for early retirement benefits as long as he/she had a steady work in Hungary for at least 12 months prior to retirement. Hungary for a minimum of 12 months prior to the date of retirement.
  • He/she was within the borders of Hungary for a continuous employment with no interruption for a minimum of two years. He/she was required to quit his/her lucrative work, and undergo medical treatment resulting from an injury or accident
  • Incapacity of a person is the result of an occupational accident or illness that is the result of his/her work and thereby allowing him/her be awarded a benefit in accordance with a particular law
  • He/she worked for a work in the territory of Hungary uninterrupted over a minimum of three years and currently, he/she is able to carry out an active job on the territory of another member state within the European Union, but he/she will continue to reside in the domicile within Hungary. Hungary.

Note family members of those who are eligible EEA citizens listed above could remain in the country.


Permanent residence card Permanent residence card: HUF 1,500 (in it’s form as a a duty stamp)


  • Permanent residence cards for a third-country family member or citizen can be renewed every ten years.
  • Residence cards that are permanent and issued by EEA citizens have a validity of an indefinite amount of time when accompanied by a current travel document or identification card.

Documents to Utilize

  • Permanent Residence Cards:
Word Format
PDF Formula
  • Application to replace document that certifies the right to reside:
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  • Application for the addition of the document that certifies residence:
  • Word Format

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Processing Time

It typically takes three months before a regional directorate is able to decide on an application for permanent residence cards.

The document is needed

Here are the steps for obtaining an permanent residence card in Hungary.

External Links

  • The Hungary’s Immigration and Nationality Office:



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