How to Apply For Obtain police clearance certificate in Egypt

Apply For Obtain police clearance certificate in Egypt By Yourself

  • In order to obtain a police clearance The applicant must write an application letter stating the reason for the reasons why the police clearance certificate is sought at the local police station in the area: URL
  • How to Apply For Obtain police clearance certificate in Egypt
    How to Apply For Obtain police clearance certificate in Egypt
  • The applicant should submit a an application form that is completed (Personal Particular) supplied from the Organization for Police Clearance Certificate.
  • It is necessary to fill out the required application form in every section using BLOCK CAPITALS and Black ink. We have obtained a complete set 10-print impressions of fingerprints* that were taken by a trained fingerprint expert in our laboratory.
  • The applicant should also be able to carry all documents needed for the procedure specified within the “Required Documents” section of the procedure. The applicant has to pay the fee for that procedure in the hands of the relevant authority.
  • It is the Egyptian Ministry of Interior, will take two weeks to review the application if there isn’t a criminal record is found. It is recommended to send a written request for disclosure in writing to Egypt Embassy.
  • The applicant must provide the full name of the applicant along with the date and place of birth, as well as the location and time of residence throughout Egypt. Republic of Egypt, including complete addresses.
  • The certificates of police clearance will be sent to the address for forwarding stated by the applicants on the application. The applicant should visit the office previously mentioned to pick up the certificate once they have been an official notification regarding the same.

Required Documents For Obtain police clearance certificate

  • A letter outlining the purpose of the reason why the certificate of police clearance is required.
  • Completely filled out the application of form (Personal Particular)
  • Passport size photo using a white backdrop that was taken in the last three months (only photographs that have a white background are accepted)
  • Certified copy of your employment license card and/or dependent card (if you have one).)
  • A certified duplicate from Egyptian ID (if appropriate)
  • A set of fingerprint prints (ten fingerprint impressions). The applicant has to provide the fingerprint impressions, which have been authenticated by our company.
  • The residence of the applicant during the period during which the clearance of the police is sought
  • A certified duplicate of your passport’s visa page(s)
  • A comprehensive cover letter outlining the duration of staying in Egypt and the requirement for the certificate.
  • Two evidences of the address you are currently at. Official correspondence confirming the address and your names in the date of

Office Locations and Contact

Police Certificate Issuer AuthorityEgyptian Ministry of Interior
El Sheikh Rihan St. Cairo
Postal Code – 11641 Egypt
Contact Link: URL

What are all the Eligibility

  • The applicant must have a valid passport and an acceptable address proof.
  • Age limit: or over. If minors are involved applications must be made by the parent who has parental authority, if minor is not yet 16 yet.
  • The residence address for the potential applicant has to be identical to the address on the passport as well as other documents supporting it.
  • Candidates who require of a residence status, employment, or a long time visa or are seeking to move to a country that is not their own.


The fee/cost varies from the particular situation. Fee requirements that are updated will be made available by the respective authorities when applying.

Processing Time

The processing period is about twenty working days.

The Information You Need

  • Name of the applicant
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Marital Status
  • Passport Number
  • Date of Issue
  • Expiration Date
  • Location of Issue




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