How to Apply For Obtain Readers Pass (Vatican Apostolic Library) in Holy See (Vatican City)

Apply For Obtain Readers Pass (Vatican Apostolic Library) in Holy See (Vatican City)

How to get Reader’s Pass Reader’s Pass

  • Check if you’re qualified to get an e-pass reader.
  • Take all the necessary documents you’ll require to complete the application process.
  • Accepting the reader’s pass and filling out the form with their personal details at the Admissions Office, means that the person who holds the pass consented to abide by these rules and regulations. Librarys Rules and Regulations.
  • In the event of theft or loss, patrons are expected to inform to the Librarys Admissions Office as soon as they can and provide a copy of the report to the responsible authorities.
  • The readers pass permits access to printed books but only. Specific authorization is required for the examination of manuscripts.

Connecting to the Library

On arrival:

  • Make your way towards the Reception Desk
  • Show your reader’s pass to the person who will register your arrival.
  • The porter will give you an electronic number to your locker
  • Lock up your personal belongings that are not relevant to the study

in the Reading Room (Manuscripts, Printed Books or periodicals):

  • Register your arrival electronically at the desk for distribution.
  • Input your name (in block capital letters) in the daily register, next to your number of the key.
  • Pick the spot that you’d like to relax.
  • Go back to the distribution counter and type in their number from the location they’ve selected under their name.

leaving the Library (This is the case even if you are planning to return later on that same time):

Within the Reading Room:

  • Return the printed or manuscript books you ordered from the shelves and ask an exit authorization from any one of the Reading Rooms in which they requested materials. Alternately in the event that they haven’t requested any of the materials in the shelves, they could seek the exit permission at any one of the Reading Rooms.

The Reception Desk:

  • Bring any of the books which you are a library patron that you’ll be carrying along.
  • Take your personal belongings out of the locker.
  • Electronically record your departure at the time of the departure with your porter.

Required Documents For Obtain Readers Pass

  • A valid identification document is to be handed in by the Police Office at the SantAnna entry point into Vatican City State. Vatican City State.
  • A valid reference letter or document that proves the academic qualifications of an applicant
  • For students Students, for students, a Certificate of Guarantee is printed on an institution letterhead and signed by the supervisor of their dissertation.

Office Locations and Contacts

Vatican Apostolic LibraryCortile del Belvedere
V-00120 Vatican City
Phone: +39/06698.79411
Fax: +39/06698.84795
Archives and Library Librarians for the Holy Roman Church
His Honour The Most Reverend
Msgr. Jean-Louis Brugus, O.P.
Personne to Contact (for readers’ passes) Contact Person (for the Reader’s Pass): The Dr. Joseph Ciminello
Phone: +39 / 06698.79403
email Contact Form
From Monday through Friday: 8:45am until 12:00pm
Wednesday and Tuesday: 3:00pm until 4:00pm
Additional Contact Phone Numbers


What are all the Eligibility

The library is available to:

  • Researchers and scholars who have the sufficient qualifications and/or relevant publications.
  • Researchers and teachers from universities and other institutions of Higher Education
  • Graduating students (laureati) that are conducting research to write a doctoral dissertation.
  • In certain cases, students in the undergraduate program who demonstrate the need to collect materials that are available only through the Vatican Library.


The library isn’t open to students in High School students or in general for students in the undergraduate University students.


  • The annual library pass is valid starting the date it has been issued up to the year’s closing at the Library.
  • Library passes for short-term use can be used for a set amount of days, decided by the Admissions Office. In all cases, access is only granted until May 31st for undergraduate students and July 15 in the case of graduate students.
  • The pass is only utilized by the individual it was purchased for. It is non-transferable The pass replaces the readers identity document when the holder is at the Library.

Documents to Utilize

The Letter of Surety Form

Documentation is needed

  • The Vatican Apostolic Library is one of the oldest libraries in the world . It houses one of the biggest collection of ancient texts. In order to gain access to certain sections of the library, you’ll require the Reader’s Pass.
  • Here are the steps for obtaining reader’s passes through the Vatican Apostolic Library.

Information that could be helpful

Readers who have access in the Library are required to:

  • Follow the Rules for Readers at the Vatican Library
  • Keep their reader pass on them always
  • Be sure to handle all objects, including the old printing books and manuscripts with the greatest attention and care and avoid any destruction to the materials.

The Library should be provided with Library with copies of all publications that relate to materials that you’ve which you’ve consulted or acquired by way of reproduction, particularly in the event that the Library is not a subscriber to the periodicals or collections that they are published in.

External Links

  • Vatican Apostolic Library:
  • Rules for Readers of the Vatican Library:



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