How To Apply for On-line Gambling License In China

How To Apply for On-line Gambling License In China

  • The cultural administrative department from the State Council shall be the department that is responsible for online games. The department of culture administration of government of the people over the county level will be accountable for the supervision and administration of games online in their administrative areas in accordance to their respective responsibilities.
  • Companies that engage in online gaming business activities must abide by the Constitution as well as administrative and lawful regulations, prioritize the social benefits and protect minors, continue to promote the ideas, values, and cultures that reflect the latest developments in our technological age and advancement in society. adhere to the rules of protection of public health as well as moderate games, and protect legal rights and the interests of gamers in accordance with the law, and support the development of the whole person and the harmony of society.
  • The department that manages culture within the State Council shall examine the game’s content imported from the internet as per the law. The game that is imported can be made available for network operation only with the content approval from the culture department within the State Council. A person who is applying for a content exam should submit the following information:

Documents Required On-line Gambling License

  • An application form for evaluation of the content of an online game that was imported
  • The description of content for an online game imported from the United States.
  • The Chinese and other copies of the copyright trading or operating agency arrangement, as well as copies or photocopies of the original copyright certificate and power of attorney

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Culture of the People’s Republic ofChina Of CultureAddress: Haidian District, Beijing Zhongguancun South Street, Beijing Friendship Hotel No.1 Yingbin
Zip Code: 100086
Phone: 59881114

What Are All The Eligibility

  • The growth of online gaming has been reflected in the general expansion of computer networks from tiny regional networks, to Internet and the rapid growth of Internet access.
  • Online games vary from simple text-based games to those that incorporate complex graphics and virtual environments with a large number of players.
  • A lot of online games are associated with online communities, which makes games online a kind of social play that is more than single-player games.


To improve the management for online gaming, control the sequence of online game business operations, and to ensure the growth of the online gaming industry These Measures were formulated in accordance with the decision from the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress on the Maintenance of Internet Security as well as the Administrative measures of Internet Information Services and the pertinent provisions of laws and rules that govern the State.

A game online cannot contain any:

  • breaking the fundamental principles set forth by the Constitution;
  • that compromises integrity, unity, or sovereignty of the nation;
  • disclosing a secret of the nation that could compromise national security or harming the reputation and interests that the nation has;
  • Inciting hatred or discrimination between ethnic groups, thereby reducing the unity among ethnic groups, or ignoring ethnic customs and customs;
  • Promoting cults or superstitions;
  • dispersing rumors to disturb the social order and stability of the public;
  • Promoting obscenity, pornography, gambling or violence or aiding in the perpsuasion of crime;
  • insulting or defaming other people and thereby affecting their legitimate interests and rights of other people;
  • breaking social morality; or
  • Other than that, it is not prohibited under any statute, administrative regulation or law of the state.

Requirements Information

  • Name and the domicile, the organizational structure, and the articles of association of the entity;
  • Online games have a fixed business scope that is not available to games
  • Personnel who meet the pertinent requirements of the state
  • Capital registered in the amount in excess of 10 million yuan and
  • The conditions are governed by the law, administrative regulations, and relevant regulations in the laws of the State.

Documentation is needed

An online game refers to a game played on a computer network. It’s usually the Internet or similar technology, however, games have always utilized any technology that was available and available: modems before the Internet and hard wired terminals prior to modems.

Information that could be helpful

  • The Measures will apply to R&D as well as the production of online games, the network game operation on the internet distribution of virtual currency for online gaming, the distribution of virtual currency trading services for online games, as well as other types of business operations associated with online games.
  • The term”online games” defined in these measures is a reference to games products and services that comprise software and data which are delivered through information networks like internet Internet and mobile communications networks.
  • The term”network operation” for online games refers to the offering of gaming products and services to the general public via an information network making use of a user-friendly system or fee-based system.
  • The term”virtual currency” in online games refers to a digital exchange tool, which is independent of the game’s program, and which is stored on the server as an electromagnetic record , and represented in specific digital units. This can be distributed through an online gaming company and can be directly or indirectly, purchased by online game players with legal tenders based on an amount.

Other uses for the Document/Certificate

The China’s Ministry of Culture has issued what they call”the “Interim Guidelines to Internet Games” in an attempt to shield children from “unwholesome” online content.

External Links

Interim measures for the Administration of Online Games

How To Apply for On-line Gambling License In China
How To Apply for On-line Gambling License In China

People’s China Ministry of Culture


  • A business entity that has received the Internet Culture Business Permit modifies its website’s name, domain name registered address, legal representative business premises registered capital, equity structure, or business scope that is licensed it must complete modifications formalities with the initial permit-issuing body within 20 days of the date of the modification.
  • An online gaming business entity will disclose their Internet Culture Business Permit and other details in a prominent location on its web site, software for clients for items, its customer support centers and so on. as well as the domain name for its website during its actual operation must be in accordance with the information published by it.




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