How To Apply for Online Gambling License In China

How To Apply for Online Gambling License In China

  • The department for culture administration within the State Council shall be the department responsible for online games. The cultural departments of the local governments of the people at or above the county level will be accountable for the supervision and management of online games across their regions of administrative responsibility, according to their respective roles.
  • Online game operators and their business activities must abide by the Constitution and laws, as well as administrative regulations, giving preference to social benefits and the protection of minors. They also transmit ideas, traditions and morals that reflect developments in the present and future social progress, abide by the rules of protection of public health and moderation of play, and protect your legitimate rights as well as rights of players on the internet under the law, and support the development of the whole person and social harmony.
  • The department responsible for culture of the State Council shall examine the content of online games imported in accordance with the law. The game that is imported can be made available for network operation only with the content approval by the department responsible for culture of the State Council. A person who is applying for a content evaluation must provide the following documents

Documents Required Online Gambling License

  • An application form for review of the game’s content for an online game that was imported
  • The description of content for an online game imported from the United States.
  • The Chinese and other copies of the copyright trading or operating agency arrangement, as well as copies or photocopies of the initial copyright certificate as well as the power of attorney

Office Locations and Contacts

People’s Republic China Ministry of CultureAddress Haidian District, Beijing Zhongguancun South Street, Beijing Friendship Hotel No.1 Yingbin
Zip Code: 100086
Phone: 59881114

What Are All The Eligibility

  • The rise of online gaming has been reflected in the growth of computer networks, from small regional networks, to Internet as well as the growing popularity of Internet access.
  • Online games vary from simple text-based games, to games that feature complex graphics and virtual environments that are populated by a variety of players at once.
  • A lot of online games are associated with online communities, which makes games on the internet a kind of social interaction that goes beyond single-player games.


To strengthen the management of games online, control the sequence of online game business operations, and ensure the growth of the industry of online gaming These Measures were formulated according to the Decision from the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress on ensuring Internet Security as well as the Administrative measures to Internet Information Services along with the relevant provisions of the laws and rules that the government.

A game online cannot contain anythingthat:

  • in violation of the fundamental principles enumerated by the Constitution;
  • The threat to the integrity, sovereignty or integrity of the state.
  • the disclosure of a national secret or a national secret, threatening the security of the nation or threatening the reputation and interests that the nation has;
  • creating hatred or discrimination among ethnic groups, weakening cohesion between ethnic groups or ignoring ethnic customs and cultural practices;
  • Promoting cults or superstitions;
  • dispersing rumors to disturb the social order and maintain social stability;
  • Promoting obscenity, pornography gambling, violence or obscenity, or aiding in the perpsuasion of crime;
  • slandering or defaming another and infringing on their legitimate interests and rights of other people;
  • breaking social morality; or
  • Other than that, it is not prohibited by statute, administrative regulation or any other state regulation.

The Information You Need

  • Name and the domicile, the organizational structure, and constitution of an entity
  • Fixed business scope for online games
  • Personnel who are in compliance with the pertinent requirements of the state
  • Capital registered in the amount in excess of 10 million Yuan and
  • The conditions are governed by the statutes, administrative regulations and relevant regulations from the law of state.

The document is needed

An online game refers to a game played on a computer network. It is usually the Internet or similar technology, however, games have always utilized any technology that was available such as modems prior to the Internet and terminals that were hard wired prior to modems.

Information that can be useful

  • The measures shall be applicable to R&D as well as the production of online games, the network gaming operation distribution of virtual currency for online gaming, the distribution of virtual trading of currency in online games, and various kinds of business operations related to online games.
  • The term”online games” defined in these measures is a reference to games products and services made up of information and software that are accessible via information networks like those on the Internet and mobile communications networks.
  • The term”network operation” of online games refers to the offering of games’ products and services for the general public through an information network making use of a user-friendly system or fee-based system.
  • The term”virtual currency” used in online games is a reference to a digital exchange tool, which is independent of the game’s program, and that is stored on the server in the form of an electromagnetic record , and represented in particular digital units. It can be distributed through an online gaming company and can be directly or indirectly bought by online game players using legal tenders in accordance with the proportion of.
  • Other uses of the Document/Certificate[edit]
  • The Chinese Ministry of Culture has issued what they call”Interim Measures for Internet Games “Interim measures to Internet Games” in an attempt to shield children from “unwholesome” media.

External Links

Interim measures for the Administration of Online Games

How To Apply for Online Gambling License In China
How To Apply for Online Gambling License In China

The People’s Republic of Chinese Ministry of Culture


  • When an online game business entity that has received the Internet Culture Business Permit modifies its website’s name, domain name registered address, legal representative business premises or registered capital structure, or business scope that is licensed the entity must go through modifications formalities with the initial permit-issuing body within 20 days from the date of the modification.
  • A business that operates online will disclose their Internet Culture Business Permit and other details in a prominent location on its websites, clients software for the products it sells, customer care centers and so on. as well as the domain name of the website when it is in operation be in accordance with the information provided by it.




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