How To Apply for Overflight Permit In China

How To Apply for Overflight Permit In China

Air transport companies that are scheduled to start operation within 60 days from the deadline for international airline freight via fax, letter or e-mail, and any other method. according to the Civil Aviation Authority regulations, in accordance with the format prescribed for and from the CAA proposal for a tariff the application materials must be in place with regard to international air freight types and tariff levels, as well as the applicable conditions and the explanatory material and when the final decision is made must be within 15 days of the date of receipt of Civil Aviation Authority approval or refusal to approve the application.

Documents that are required Overflight Permit

  • Aerocraft Registration Certificate
  • Aircraft Certificate of Airworthiness (If you are unable to provide the specifics)
  • Insurance Certificate indicating worldwide coverage or coverage specific to a particular country
  • Medical License and Pilot License

Office Locations and Contacts

National Civil Aviation Authority: Department of International Affairs and Cooperation
Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC)
155.0 Dongsi Street West
Dongcheng District
Tel: 010-64091730
Beijing 100710

What Are All The Eligibility

Air transport agreements based on the basis of agreements between China and an overseas government, when air transportation companies provide scheduled air transport services within China and other overseas locations, they build or modify, alter, or adjust international air freight, declare it to the CAA.


A minimum lead time of minimum 96 hours is required to obtain overflight permissions for both private non-revenue as well as charter (non-scheduled commercial) flights.

The Information You Need

  • Operator Info (Telephone/Fax/Billing Address)
  • owner & Aircraft Info (registration/Type of A/C, Purposeof)
  • Crew Info and schedule (Full Names, Passport numbers and the Exp. Dates, Nationality, DOBs)
  • Flight Route
  • Contact Information for Local Sponsors and Handlers Details

The Document is required Overflight Permit

Overflight permits allow Civil Aviation Authorities (CAAs) to fly over the airspace of a country. They differ with respect to the regulations and airspace coverage according to the country.

Information that could be helpful

Operators who don’t comply with overflight or clearances for landing permits accurately could face difficulties. A plane could be returned to the point of entry when the crew arrives at a location of entry into China which is not the same as the location indicated on the confirmation of landing permit. In China you must fly your cleared and assigned route exactly as stated in the confirmation.

Other uses for the document/certificate

Flight Permits are permissions or permits needed by aircrafts to fly over, land or make a stop technical within any airspace of a country. Every country has its specific regulations for issues of flight permits since there’s typically a fee to be made.

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How To Apply for Overflight Permit In China
How To Apply for Overflight Permit In China

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State Organs


If you operate an aircraft that has over 29 seats you will be considered an charter (non-scheduled commercial) flight, and must meet additional requirements for permits, such as having an agreement for charter, Air Operator Certificate (AOC) and an aircraft’s interior configuration. All aircraft with less than 29 seats are regarded as business or private flights, regardless of whether you actually operate as an charter (non-scheduled commercial). Cabotage is not a problem in China however it is required to be requested and confirmed each time to avoid any issues. Remember that the CAAC will only issue permission for business flights as tourism flights aren’t permitted in China currently.




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