How To Apply for Overseas TV License In China

How To Apply for Overseas TV License In China

To make use of existing or establish dedicated satellite ground reception facility to receive foreign television programming that are transmitted by satellite units, must submit a formal application to provincial authorities to be examined and acceptance by the requesting local newspaper municipalities, autonomous regions, broadcasting as well as the Radio and Television Department (Bureau) for approval. Radio and Television Department (bureau) approval is granted “satellite ground reception facilities to receive television shows transmitted through satellites from abroad License” (hereinafter known in”the “License”) which is then approved by the approving authority from Radio, Film and Television, Ministry of Public Security as well as in the National Security record.

Documents that are required Overseas TV License

  • Form of application filled out by the representative legal of the company, which includes: agency profile, establishing the reason for the agency as well as the name of the China headquarters in China as well as the place of presence (chief representative) and business scope and the office address for duration.
  • The organization that is applying for the country of host (land) evidence of its legal status.
  • The bank issues a credit certificate.
  • The selection of the principal representative office in China as well as representatives for the representative legal of the powers of attorney, signed by the person applying and the chief representative as well as reps of resumes as well as the copies of identification documents.

Office Locations and Contacts

The state administration of radio Television and Film Street, Xicheng District, Beijing Fuxing outside of the 2nd
Zip Code: 100866
Local authority

Chinese People’s Republic Ministry of Public Security
Address: No. 14 East Chang An Avenue,
Beijing Zip: 100741
Contacts of Municipal Public Security Bureaus of China

What Are All The Eligibility

  • News, education, research economic, financial trade, and various other business units due to the amount of work required to submit an application for use of the satellite’s ground reception facilities or create an exclusive satellite ground reception facilities for receiving foreign satellite transmission TV programming.
  • Hotel rooms for foreign residents (Hotel) and apartments have to offer international finance Business, and other services for economic information. to set up settings for receiving programming on television devoted to satellite broadcasts from foreign satellite receiving facilities for ground reception.


Application for the use of existing satellite ground-receiving facilities or installing special ground satellite receiver facilities to receive television shows broadcast by satellites from other countries, must satisfy the following conditions:

  • Operations of the unit to receive TV programs via satellites of foreign countries, which is required;
  • Determine which direction reception is, and inspecting the content of the range;
  • technological equipment that is in accordance with the national standards
  • a full-time qualified management personnel;
  • is a solid management system that is well-organized.

The Information You Need

  • Agency Profiles
  • Determine the goal
  • Name of China Offices in China
  • Its présence (chief representative)
  • The scope of business
  • Address of the office for duration

Documentation is needed

Overseas television License is used to improve the satellite’s ground reception facilities that receive TV programs broadcast via satellites that are not in the United States. It is used to manage security of technological, economic as well as cultural trade, as well as the promotion of socialist material civilization as well as spirituality, in order to advance this strategy.

Information that can be useful

Provinces municipalities, autonomous regions and provinces radio as well as Television Department (Bureau) is responsible for the administrative area of satellite ground reception facilities that accept the transfer of management of satellite television from foreign countries. programmes.

Other uses for the Document/Certificate

A satellite ground receiving facilities unit that doesn’t have the “License” is not able to receive satellite satellite transmissions from foreign television programming; any other units that don’t have the “License” should not put up with satellite ground receiving facilities to receive satellite transmissions of TV programs.

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How To Apply for Overseas TV License In China
How To Apply for Overseas TV License In China


A station that doesn’t have an “License” and is unable to arbitrarily determine the satellite ground reception facilities or receive television programming that are transmitted by satellites from foreign countries provinces, autonomous regions or municipalities radio and Television Department (Bureau) in together in conjunction with Public Security, the National Security Agency (Agency) may take satellite ground reception facilities and fine up to 50,000 Yuan. Charge and any other directly responsible staff directly accountable for the unit could suggest to the relevant authorities that they be subject to administrative sanctions if there is an illegal recording, conduct of communication, and the circumstances are grave enough to warrant a criminal charge and be held criminally accountable by the courts.




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