How To Apply for Passport In Austria

How To Apply for Passport In Austria

Find the nearest authority near you. To find out where it is, look up ‘Office Locations and Contacts’ section on this page.

Application for personal use

  • The passport application has to be presented personally.
  • The authority must be passed through the passport but not immediately, but in approximately 5 working days, by mail to the address provided ( for example, sent home or work location, passport agency.
  • If an application to the town is anticipated with a long waiting time.

Detection of the fingerprint

  • In the passport application, applicants who are 12 years old using electronic fingerprint scanners. fingerprints captured. The scanner takes pictures from two finger prints (usually that of the index finger) which are then stored on a chip, the fingerprints are recorded inside the passport.
  • A passport that has a chip is able to be branded on its cover with the words “the tiny gold icon of PASSPORT” to be acknowledged. “ This is the ICAO emblem that is part of the International Civil Aviation Association ( ICAO ). On every passport issued to the world that has chip, this symbol will be visible.

You must submit an original birth certificate as well as the marriage certificate if appropriate.

Provide proof of your Austrian nationality by presenting the Staatsbuergerschaftsnachweis document.

Send one of these documents for an alternative form of ID Permanent residence card, certificate of residency.

Send your completed application, documents proving citizenship, as well as any appropriate charges to the Austrian Consular. You can also mail the documentation to the address indicated on the application form.

Documents Required Apply for Passport

The following documents are requiredto be submitted:

  • Application form completed
  • Birth Certificate (British Birth Certificates with Apostille) documents from other countries , see here)
  • Documentation of Austrian Citizenship
  • Affidavit signed and completed
  • 1 passport photo according to the following EU-criteria for passport-photographs
  • Marriage Certificate or Divorce Decree (British documents with Apostille, other documents from nations, please refer here) If applicable
  • Academic degree proof in the event of a need and a desire

Office Locations and Contacts

Competent authority

The Authority for passports:

  • The administration of the district
    • in Leoben and Schwechat The community
  • In cities that are statutory : the City Council
    • In Vienna The municipal district offices

The application for a passport can be made be submitted domestically – regardless of the place of residence and is submitted by the passport authorities of each.


The following passport offices provide the option of an online appointment that can be booked in advance to submit a passport application

  • Districts of St. Johann im Pongau
  • Magistrate Graz
  • Municipal District Offices Vienna
  • City of Linz
  • Magistrate catfish

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How To Apply for Passport In Austria
How To Apply for Passport In Austria

What Are All The Eligibility

The prerequisite for issue to obtain the Austrian passport is being an Austrian citizen.


Cost of GBP 64.60


The valid Austrian passports are valid until the date of expiration and are not required to be changed. Austrian passports can be used for 10 (10) years, and they cannot be renewed.

Documentation is needed

Austrian passports can be issued to residents of Austria to make it easier for international travel.

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