How to Apply for Passport In Barbados

 Apply for Passport In Barbados By Online

  1. Visit Barbados’ Immigration Department in Barbados, or visit one of Barbados 13 diplomatic and consular offices abroad.
  2. If you’re over 16 years old then you need to fill out an application for the Barbados Passport Form A with your own handwriting. To download Form A, click on this link: Utilize Block Letters for all names other than your signature.
  3. Children who are younger than 16 must be submitted on Form B. To download Form B, click on this link:
  4. The application form must be supported by Two (2) images. The photos must not exceed five (5) centimetres by five (5) centimetres. They must be taken by an experienced photographer.
  5. Make sure you sign your name on the boxes located on the last the page two of your application, as well as the Declaration in Section 11 on page four.

Passport Appointment SystemTo schedule an appointment, click on this link:

Required Documents For Apply for Passport 

Normal Passports
(For people over the age of 16 years old)

  • The passport from the previous one if is not used for the first time.
  • The form that is completed
  • Two images
  • Birth certificate
  • Barbados ID card
  • Wedding certificate if married female
  • Divorce decree if divorced female
  • A citizenship document is required if the applicant is you are not a naturalized citizen
  • If applicable, a deed poll.
  • Other documents, as you request

Minor Passports
(Minors or persons who are less than 16 years of age)

  • The passport of the previous holder if you are not being used for the first time.
  • The form that is completed
  • Two images
  • Birth certificate
  • Barbados ID of parent
  • If applicable, a deed poll.
  • Other documents, as required

Office Locations and Contacts

Immigration Department
Wharf Road,
Telephone: (246) 4344100
Fax: (246) 4260819

For other contact information:



Citizens of Barbados


Published in BDS:

  • Adult Passport $150
  • Minors’ Passport (under 16) Cost: $100
  • Businessmans Passport – $225
  • Emergency Passport / Travel document – $150
  • Repair for Lost Passport – $300
  • Emergency Passport (required within one day) $300
  • Emergency Passport (required within 2-5 working days) $ 225


The validity of a passport is 10 years. After the expiration date, you are able to apply for an additional passport.

Documents to Utilize

Form A:

Form B:

Processing Time

The processing time of passports takes 7 (7) seven (7) working days. However, the processing time varies from one jurisdiction to another. The processing time in Barbados for Immigration Department in Barbados is 14 days.


  • New applicants, as well as those with applicants with a Barbados passport that was issued prior the 30th of November 1966, must provide their birth certificate along with the application.
  • Parents or guardians have to submit applications on behalf of the child who are 16 or younger and must be accompanied by the minor.

The document is needed

The Barbadian passport serves as a tourist permit issued to residents of Barbados as per the Citizenship Act (CAP. 186) since 1978 as well as in addition to the Immigration Act (CAP. 186) from 1978, the Immigration Act (CAP.) in 1997 as well as 186) from 1978, the Immigration Act (CAP. 190) in 1997 and Barbadian Constitution, for the goal of making it easier for international travelers to travel.

Other uses for the document/certificate

An Barbadian passport serves as a form of identification that is a valid proof of citizenship.

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