How To Apply for Passport In Belgium

How To Apply for Passport In Belgium

  1. Belgians are eligible to get a visa through the municipal office of their residence.
  2. The applicant must provide the required documents needed for the application.
  3. The biometrics they provide must be used.
  4. They have to pay the fee.

Passport for Emergency Passport

  • Applications should be made during office hours at the Passport Office of the FPS Foreign Affairs. Outside of office hours the temporary passports are granted by FPS Foreign Affairs personnel who are on duty. You can reach them through the number 025018111.

Documents Required Apply for Passport

  • The Belgian ID card is a valid identity other document that serves as evidence of identity
  • The passport that was used previously or a document proving it was stolen or lost
  • Parental consent for children under age 18

Office Locations and Contacts

For all inquiries: +32 2 501 81 11.

What Are All The Eligibility

Belgian citizens


The cost of a passport is comprised of federal tax, production cost (which are more expensive if the passport application is urgent or is submitted for a passport with 64 pages rather than the 32-page standard passport) and when the application for a passport is submitted to a municipal authority and taxes for municipal tax (for additional information regarding costs, call your municipal government as each municipal administration has their own fees).

Taxes on federal income are not due on passports issued to minors younger than 18 years old, however, the cost of production and taxes imposed by municipalities still apply.

Passports that are requested at the Belgian consulate or embassy should be paid with local money. Contact directly the Belgian Consulate or Embassy to inquire about costs in local currency, which will depend on exchange rate.

List of Prices for Belgian Passports:


Passports last for five years.

Processing Time

  • It is possible to get passports within five business days from the time your passport’s application is submitted.
  • The amount of time needed in order to obtain a passport varies on the quantity of collections that are at least two each week. The local authority can provide specific details about the frequency of collection.
  • An emergency process has been made available with the addition of a cost, passports can issue by province or municipality upon receipt of the application from the private firm, provided the application is sent by the province or municipality to the production centre by 3 p.m.


  • Belgians living legally in Belgium and on Belgian territory Passports are required from the municipal authorities of their residence.
  • Belgians living or traveling in other countries require passports by the Belgian consulate or embassy that is responsible for the area or country.
  • Belgians living abroad legally however, they are on Belgian territory need passports by the provincial authority responsible for the municipality where they last resided in Belgium.
  • A regular Belgian passport can be obtained fast through your local or provincial administration by utilizing the emergency process.

The Document is required Apply for Passport

A passport is a type of travel document that permits a person to travel to another country.

Belgium has issued biometric passports that incorporate the electronic chips. They meet the highest security and technological standards set through the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO). In the first stage, which is in line with international conventions the chip will contain details such as the identity of the person who holds the passport along with their signature and photograph. i.e. information that is visible to anyone with a naked eyesight on the page two of the passport. At this point fingerprints aren’t present in the chip.

The second phase of the project has started. It is the first time that Belgian biometric passports that have fingerprints encoded onto the chip have been in use since June. These biometric passports will first be issued at consulates and embassies of our country (schedule). In the spring of 2012, municipal and provincial authorities will be given the required equipment and also be able to issue these new passports.

Biometric passports are also referred to as e-passports , or electronic passports.

Information that can be useful

If you decide to move to another Belgian city and/or country, your Belgian passport will remain valid. So, moving won’t change the expiry date on your passport.

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