How to Apply for Permanent Resident In Barbados

Apply for Permanent Resident In Barbados By Online

  1. Applications for Permanent Resident status is available at Barbados Immigration department. Barbados Immigration department.
  2. The following link will provide you with forms to be used to fill out: Applications forms
  3. The following link will provide you with the contact details and office contact numbers which can be contacted : Office Locations

Required Documents For Apply for Permanent Resident

  • Birth Certificate of the Applicant.
  • If a woman is married must be married, the marriage Certificate is required to be issued.
  • If you are married to the Barbadian lady, then the bride must provide the following documents:
    • The birth certificate of his wife as well as
    • The marriage certificate of his wife.
  • If the marriage of the applicant was ended by death or Divorce , the an appropriate death certificate or divorce document i.e. Decree Absolute must be presented.
  • If the child was born wed-locked to an Barbadian mother as well as a non-national father , the applicant must produce the following documents:
    • Birth Certificates of Mothers and
    • Parents are married.
  • Medical:-
    • General Medical Certificate of Health from a Doctor if (16) years old or younger.
    • If you’re sixteen (16) years old or more, the normal Medical Form that is available is required to be filled out by the doctor.
  • Certificate of Character issued by the Police of the country in which you’ve resided (if more than 16 years old). A sworn statement of your character in place of the P.C.C. of the U.K. and an disclosure form.
  • Income Tax Clearance Certificate – Barbados.
  • Four (4) passport-sized photos that one of which has to be verified by an official such as a Justice of the Peace or Notary Public.
  • Notes and letters from the school(s) that were attended in Barbados.
  • Employment letter.
  • Documentation of education (if there is any).
  • It is worth noting that it is important to note that
    • If there is a difference in one of the names that appear in the above documents An Affidavit should be provided to resolve the issue.
    • If the applicant is younger than 18 years old and the form is completed by someone other that the parent(s) the Letter of Consent signed by the parent(s) must be provided. The Letter of Consent has to be notarized i.e. that it is signed by the parent(s) in the presence of an official such as a justice of the Peace or Notary Public who signs and then affix the appropriate official seal/mark.
    • In the event that legally-appointed custody rights for a child has been granted, the certificate proving legal custody is required to be provided.
  • A duplicate of the bio-data section of the passport in which the applicant is a valid applicant.

Originals and photocopies of documents are required.

Office Locations and Contacts

Locations of offices of the Barbados Immigration Department can be located at the following locations : Office Locations


The application fee is Bds. $300.00 (Personal cheques are not accepted).
If the application is approved, a final fee in the amount of 1200 Bds is to be reimbursed.

Documents to Utilize

Applications forms that could be used for: Applications forms


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