How to Apply for Permit to Set Up Outside Seating in Front of Your Shop / Restaurant in Denmark

Apply for Permit to Set Up Outside Seating in Front of Your Shop / Restaurant in Denmark

For business owners who reside in Copenhagen there is the option, should traffic permits, to use the public space in the front of your cafe, restaurant or shop for outdoor seating and boards for advertising or displays of products. As long as you have an approval from the City of Copenhagen. There is an annual fee for the license.

Here’s how to request a license to install seating, advertising boards, and displays of products in the entrance of your shop or restaurant.

  1. For an application for the license apply here: apply here
  2. Use the NemID signature of your employee for your business and the P-number associated with the address to which the application is linked. NemID is a standard secure login method on the Internet whether you’re making your online banking transactions and obtaining details from public authorities , or interacting on behalf of one of numerous companies using NemID.
  3. Simply fill in all the necessary details and follow the online instructions.
  4. It takes about four weeks for the processing of your application. After approval, your license will , unless specifically stated in the application, valid at the time of issue up to the 31st day of the calendar year. It is automatically eligible for renewal for the calendar year following. If you do not wish to use the license, you must notify Copenhagen City Council. Copenhagen.

Office Locations and Contacts

The City of CopenhagenTel. 33 66 33 66

Njalsgade 13
Postboks 457
1505 Kobenhavn V
+45 33 66 33 04

What are all the Eligibility

Business owners from Copenhagen

Important: Before applying for a license, ensure that the spaces you’re applying for will not block the flow of traffic as well as that you’re considerate to your neighbors and you do not interfere with the aesthetics of the space. If you are applying for a license for seating outside it is recommended to be able to provide a scaled drawing.


If not stated otherwise in the license the license is valid at the time of issue up to the 31st day of the following calendar year. It will automatically be taken into consideration for renewal in the calendar year following. If you decide not to use the license, you must notify to the city of Copenhagen.

The option to automatically renew is not available if you hold a permit to use one of Copenhagen’s public squares. It also does not apply in the event that the city of Copenhagen has determined the need for changes that need to be addressed, in which case you must continuously reapply every year.

Make sure you have an accurate and current licence.

Processing Time

It can take up to four weeks for your application to be considered.


If you are submitting the application form to The City of Copenhagen, it is recommended to make use of the NemID signature of your employee for your organization and the P-number of your address. your application is related.

Information that can be useful

Outside seating If you’ve already secured a permit. It is possible to set up outside during the hours of your restaurant or shop’s opening however, only between 08.00 until 24.00. If you have seating outside inside the Metropol Zone, you may put up furniture in accordance with the zone’s extended hours between 08.00 until 02.00. It is the Metropol Zone is defined as the area surrounding Axeltorv on Vesterbrogade up into City Hall Square (Radhuspladsen).

Advertisement Boards Cost for advertisements is for one calendar year at one time. This means you have to pay the annual cost regardless of whether your establishment is open throughout the year or if you have at least one advertising board the vicinity of your restaurant/shop during a certain time or all of. You cannot request a reimbursement for the months that you don’t use the public space.

Note: There is no licence to be issued for the construction of advertising boards, beach flags, or other marketing materials in the Stroget zone.

The Stroget region is known in the form of Frederiksberggade, Nygade, Vimmelskaftet, Amagertorv and Ostergade as in addition to Frederiksborggade 1-11 and 4-14 Kobmagergade as well as Kultorvet.

Accessibility and safety: The rules for outdoor seating as well as advertising boards and displays of merchandise have been formulated to ensure that everyone is able to move about Copenhagen easily and in safety. The outside setting-up you choose to use should provide at least 150cm of clear access to the pavement. Wheelchair users, people with walking aids or buggies or those who have impaired mobility or vision need to be able to walk on the sidewalks just like everyone other pedestrians.

Candles, oil lamps, torches, blankets, rugs, VIP ropes & poles etc. are not allowed on city’s pavements and streets to protect pedestrians. Candles in lanterns are permitted for free however only if they’re safe and do not create an inconvenience to pedestrians.

Your outdoor set-up should not create a nuisance for cyclists, motorists or any other people at any moment.

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