How to Apply for Pharmaceutical Wholesaler Dealers License In Malawi

Apply for Pharmaceutical Wholesaler Dealers License In Malawi By Yourself

  1. Gather all the documents required and download your application forms from pharmacy, Medicine and Poison board office.
  2. Fill in the application properly and attach all required documents. You must also pay the application fee
  3. Send your application to the board for verification and to be approved by the
  4. When you submit your application after which the board will dispatch an inspector to check the premises of wholesale in order to determine whether it meets the standards.
  5. The inspector will examine the premises and prepare an account based on his findings. He will then send the report to the pharmacy committee.
  6. The committee will go over the report and issue an appeal that the board issue the registration permit
  7. The board will accept the application and approve the licence to be prepared.
  8. When the license is issued you will be informed and be asked to collect it from the office of the board.

Required Documents For Apply for Pharmaceutical Wholesaler Dealers License

  • Certificate of registration for business
  • Identification documents
  • Tax Identification Number
  • Documents to prove qualifications of pharmacists
  • Other documents that are requested from the poison board

Office Locations and Contacts

Pharmacy, Medicines and Poisons Board
PO Box 30241, off Chilambula Road, Capital City
Lilongwe 3, Malawi.
Tel: (+256) 1772 428
Fax: (+256) 1755 204


  • Wholesale is a registered business.


  • Contact the authority in question to inquire about fees and bank information.


  • In the license, it is stated that this is the case.

Processing Time

  • Within 7 days

Requirements Information

  • Personal Details
  • Contact details
  • Premises Registration Details
  • Premises Address
  • Dates
  • Signature

Documentation is needed

  • This certificate proves that you are a licensed wholesaler of pharmaceutical products.

Information that can be useful

  • Pharmacy, Medicines and Poisons Act: Link

External Links

  • Malawi Trade Portal: Link



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