How to Apply for Pharmacist Certificate of Registration In Uganda

Apply for Pharmacist Certificate of Registration In Uganda By Online

  1. The Pharmacist Certificate of Registration can be obtained by contacting the Pharmaceutical Society of Uganda.
  2. Complete the application form in accordance with the guidelines provided in the pharmaceutical society in Uganda.
  3. Once you have completed the form, you will need to pay the fee as directed.
  4. When the applicant has paid an amount prescribed by law, the registry will add his name and the address of the person applying on the register and issue the applicant with registration numbers in an appropriate form.
  5. The registrar will cause the list of pharmacists who are included in the list on 31st day of December every calendar year, to appear in the Gazette on the first day of January the following year.
  6. When you are the Board believes that the person applying is of good character and the applicant has met all the requirements that the society has. The registrar will instruct the applicant to collect a the certificate of registration of a pharmacist that is issued from the location where the applicant made the application within five days from the time the application was submitted to the Pharmaceutical Society of Uganda in case there isn’t a rejection.

Required Documents For Apply for Pharmacist Certificate of Registration

  1. A signed commit letter(s) of Pharmacists or important personnel (for Industries) and professional Auxiliary Staff employed by the company, signed by Chief Executive, or other person in charge of the organization.
  2. The applicants must prove their the attendance of CPD throughout the year. They also need to confirm the that attendance registers are available in their practices.
  3. If pharmacies are hiring medical representatives and their credentials, they must be authentic copies of their academic transcripts and certificates and a recent passport-sized photograph as well as a workplace ID should be provided. The list of products they want to promote and proof of their training in these areas should be included.

Provisional practicing certificate requirements

  • Completely filled out application form.
  • Introduction letter from the head of Institution detailing the period of the temporary engagement within Uganda that includes specific dates, the reason to employ the temporary pharmacist that is expatriate the tasks to be undertaken through expatriates expatriate(s) along with the relationship to report to National Pharmacist if It exists in the company.
  • Certificate of Authenticity of registration as a pharmacist in the Country of Origin.
  • Letter of good standing with registry body in the country of the country of.
  • Accredited copies of academic documents with a pharmacy qualification.
  • A copy of the passport page that includes personal information.
  • A commitment letter from the supervising pharmacist of the company informing him/her that he/she will engage in the privilege of working for a short time in Uganda as a pharmacist, which has been endorsed by the the head of the institution.
  • Two recent passport photos.
  • Curriculum Vitae of the person who wants to establish a temporary pharmacy in Uganda.
  • Job description of an expatriate pharmacist.
  • Fees to be paid as prescribed by the council.
  • Pharmacist first registration application form
  • The credentials of a licensed pharmacist
  • A copy of the document proving identity
  • Beyond the county (including the county) the health certificates for disease prevention and management issued by the practicing an official authentic business entities.

Office Locations and Contacts

The Pharmaceutical Society of UgandaPhysical Address: Pharmacy House,
Plot 1847 Kyambogo Banda
Mailing Address P.O.Box 3774 Kampala Uganda.
Phone: 256 414 581679/+256414348796/+256 392174280
Jurisdiction: National
E-mail Address:
Website: Pharmaceutical Society of Uganda

National Drug Authority
Secretariat Head Office Rumee Towers
Plot No. 19, Lumumba Avenue,
P.O. Box 23096 Kampala, Uganda.
Fax: (256) 41-255758
Website: National Drug Authority

The Council of Pharmaceutical society of Uganda
P.O BOX, 3774 Kampala, Uganda
Telephone: 0414348796, 0392174280
Website:Pharmaceutical Society of Uganda

on-line application
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To be eligible and enrolled to join the society.

  • The applicant must have reached the age of twenty-one years old.
  • The applicant must have paid the fees as prescribed.
  • The applicant must not have been found by a judge to be unsound.
  • The applicant should not have been found guilty by a judge regardless of whether it was in Uganda or in another country of any crime that involves dishonesty or fraud.
  • The applicant must hold a valid pharmacist qualifications certificate.
  • The person applying must have good moral character.


  1. Entry fee: 250,000(approximately)
  2. Subscription 550,000+
  3. Clinical Coat Clinical Coat 60,000+
  4. ID 35,000ID 35,000
  5. Code of Conduct Code of Conduct
  6. BNF 120,000+
  • Grand Total 935000=
  • All members of the Pharmaceutical Society of Uganda must be enrolled by paying an annual subscription fee that is set by the council. The council will issue annual membership Certificates (AMC).

Annual subscription 250,000 Ugshs

  • Fees for COP
  • (a) Retail Pharmacy – 150,000 Ugshs
  • (b) Wholesale Pharmacy – 300,000 Ugshs
  • (c) Retail and wholesale (c) Wholesale and retail Ugshs
  • (d) Large scale manufacturers – 500,000 Ugshs
  • (e) small scale producers 350,000 Ugshs


The registration of a pharmacist is valid for one year and you must submit an application for the renewal of the registration.

Examples of Documents

Membership Application Formula

Processing Time

Maximum Processing Time: 5 Days


Purpose: To regulate the practices of pharmacists and assistants in Uganda The implementing agencies:

  • The National Drug Authority management information system.
  • Provinces,
  • Municipalities and autonomous regions
  • Food and Drug administration for licensed pharmacists.

Requirements Information

  • Full name
  • Sex
  • Nation
  • Photos
  • Background in education
  • Specialty
  • Job title
  • ID Number
  • Number for Qualification Certificate
  • Exam Year
  • Schools
  • Time to get back to work
  • Practice Spaces
  • Use and production of retail and wholesale
  • Practitioners category
  • Name of the practice
  • Phone
  • Mailing Address
  • Zip Code
  • Practitioners Unit Check Opinion
  • Practitioners Pharmacist Registration Agency Examine Opinion
  • Note on Equipment

The Document is required

The pharmacist’s certificate of registration regulates the practices of pharmacists and assistants in Uganda regarding safe and effective usage of medicines.

Information that could be helpful

  • False, altered, or forged and illegal means to get “licensed pharmacist certification certificate” and “licensed registered pharmacist card.”
  • In the event of such a case, once identified, the issuing agency will withdraw the certificate to remove the pharmacist’s qualification or registration. The person directly responsible will be punished administratively according to applicable regulations, and legal responsibility at the discretion of the appropriate authority.

Other uses for the document/certificate

Once they have “licensed pharmacist credentials” the officer must contact the registrar to be registered and get a “pharmacist registration card,”” person can work as pharmacist.

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