How To Apply for Phytosanitary Certificate In American Samoa

How To Apply for Phytosanitary Certificate In American Samoa

Application In Person By Yourself

  1. To apply for an application for a Phytosanitary certificate, applicants must make contact with for assistance from the Department of Agriculture. Contact information is listed below in the “office contact and office locations” section.
  2. It is necessary to send an application form for the Department of Agriculture. Include the information provided in”required” information in your application “required data” section of the application.
  3. Be sure to have all the necessary documents which are listed under”Required Documents” on the “Required documentation” section on this page.
  4. The applicant must forward the application form and supporting documents in Department of Agriculture. Department of Agriculture.
  5. Once the request for application has been approved and processed The department in charge will arrange an inspection.
  6. When the inspection has produced satisfactory results and the inspector is satisfied, he issues the inspector with a Phytosanitary Certificate.

Documents Required Phytosanitary Certificate

  • Request for application
  • Commercial invoice
  • List of packing materials
  • Bill of Lading

Office Locations and Contacts

Department of Agriculture 1 Agriculture Lane,
Tafuna, American Samoa 96799
Phone: (684) 699-9272
Mobile: (684)7700492

What Are All The Eligibility

  • A registered exporter or importer


You can consult with the officer in charge


It is only valid for a single shipping or consignment. Any new shipment must be issued an updated Phytosanitary Certificate

Requirements Information

  • Application type
  • Type of package
  • The area of production
  • Country of origin
  • method of transportation
  • Address
  • Entry and exit points
  • Batch number

Documentation is needed

The Phytosanitary Certificate is used to prove that consignments comply with Phytosanitary import specifications.

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