How to Apply for Private Practice License-Nurses In Uganda

Apply for Private Practice License-Nurses In Uganda By Online

  1. A Private Practice License for nurses and midwives can get through Uganda Nurses and Midwives Council.
  2. Make sure you fill out the correct application form in accordance with the guidelines of the Uganda Nurses and Midwives council.
  3. The person must have worked for five years or more and come from a health center.
  4. After filling out the form, complete the form and pay the fee.
  5. Fill in the completed form, along with your Pay slip to Nurse Officer responsible for Nurse and Midwife Council.
  6. You must collect your Private Practice License from the place where the application was made within one day of the date your application was submitted to the Uganda Medical nurses and Midwives Council in the event of no rejection.

Required Documents For Apply for Private Practice License-Nurses

The most important needs are:

  1. The provision of a suitable and well-equipped premises.
  2. A letter of inquiry for the office of the UNMC Registrar UNMC.
    • Name and location of the unit you are planning to build.
    • Define your training.
    • Tell us about your current position.
  3. A short CV.
  4. Letter of recommendation from the employer.
  5. Professional certificates, photocopies and original certificates.
  6. Photocopy of the most recent renewal for professional licensing.
  7. Inspection form – available from UNMC Completed and signed at DHOs office. DHOs office.
  8. 2 passport size photographs

Office Locations and Contacts

Uganda Nurses and Midwives Council,Makarere Road, Mukubira Zone,
Kawempe Division Kampala,
P. O. Box 4046,
General Line:256(0)393-290327
Registrar’s Office:256(0)393-290327
Contact us via email: or


  • Registered nurses who have worked within a medical facility or an approved health center for not more than ten years and is licensed to practice. ( Private General Nursing Clinic)
  • A midwife who is registered or enrolled who has been employed at a health facility or an approved health facility for no less than five years , and has a valid license to practice. ( Private midwifery practices)


  • 10,000/= For photos for Certificate
  • 120,000/= for enrollment fees of US $200 for Non Ugandans
  • 150,000/= registration fee or US 200 dollars for Non Ugandans
  • 50.000/= Additional Diploma cost for RCN or US 50 for Non Ugandans
  • 13,000 Professional ID Card
  • 1,000/= Continuing Education Diary
  • 5,500+ Professional Code of Conduct
  • 10,000+ Nurses Act (1996)
  • The Midwifery Handbook is 25,000/=.


Private General Nursing Clinic or midwifery Domiciliary Clinic licences have a validity of one year, and must be renewed before 31 March in each year.

Processing Time

Processing time for one week.

The Information You Need

  • Calendar year used
  • Applicant Name
  • Telephone Number
  • Current Ugandan Employer
  • Current Address of Postal Address
  • The year of attainment, qualifications and the institution
  • Signature
  • Date

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