How to Apply for Rather Immigrant Status In Indonesia

Apply for Rather Immigrant Status In Indonesia By Online

Application for Residence Permit status for visits beyond the limit of a stay permit as well as Residence Permit unlimited transfer status permanent residence Permit must be made in the name of the Guarantor at the chief Office of Immigration whose jurisdiction includes the residency of the foreign national.

Required Documents For Apply for Rather Immigrant Status

  • A valid passport of nationality
  • photocopy of permit to stay for a limited period (still valid)
  • domicile
  • integration statement that is signed by the person who is signing it.
  • recommendations of the ministry or the government agency that is to the subject
  • Letter of Guarantee from the Guarantor(if appropriate)
  • Photocopies of the family card from parents that are Indonesian nationals (for kids of international nationals who have married)

Office Locations and Contacts

Contact details: Jl. H. R. Rasuna Said Kav. 8-9 Jakarta Selatan 12190
Call Center: (021)5224658 extension. 2106
Telefax: (021)5224658
SMS Center: 081381307650
Email :

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Immigrant status is granted to anyone from outside the country who has a the intention of visiting Indonesia. It could be due to of business, work or investment, obligations and union with an Indonesian citizen or even education and training.

The Document is required

The status of an immigrant can be granted to foreigners who is in the proper status. The types of licenses that can be converted to a restricted stay permit and a limited stay permit that can be converted to permanent residency.

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