How to Apply For Re-Exportation of Diplomatic Shipment in Egypt

Apply For Re-Exportation of Diplomatic Shipment in Egypt By Yoursself

  • In order to apply for re-exportation of diplomatic goods, the applicant must complete the necessary application form and declare it at the customs department for exporting goods from Egypt Click here
  • How to Apply For Re-Exportation of Diplomatic Shipment in Egypt
    How to Apply For Re-Exportation of Diplomatic Shipment in Egypt
  • The applicant needs to complete a list of the items and products that must be shipped along on the form with the appropriate fee.
  • The applicant must submit the completed inventory of goods re-exported at the direction of the chief customs officer informing the director general that the goods being re-exported are personal in nature and foreign diplomats, officials of international or government organisations.
  • Then , the applicant has to send a an exemption letter addressed to the Customs Director. Customs Director.
  • The applicant is also required to submit three official letters, signed by the governmental umbrella and directed to Alex. Customs Director Shipping Agency & Bonded Warehouse.
  • The applicant should fill in the application form and submit it with the supporting documents listed under the “Required Documents” section of the procedure.
  • Also, you must provide a list of household items that are not included on the declaration form. they must be personal effects and they are not tax-exempt at the time of entry.
  • People who take advantage of the basis release option for temporary purposes are exempt from duty on non-consumable goods (Electrical Appliances, Furniture, vehicles, etc.)) and consumable goods (Glass Ware, China Ware; Frames CDs, etc.) will be subjected to the duty. Shipping will be subjected to inspection by customs in order to allow the customs authorities to identify the consumable and non-consumable goods.
  • That taxes and customs duties imposed by the customs authorities on the car items will be paid in the event when the car is purchased or removed locally and cannot be shipped back to the country when it’s due to be shipped outside the nation. No diesel engine allowed.
  • The 126KM Form that is issued at export must be handed over to the customs officials and should be signed by the person who is completing it (Diplomat or a member of a government or an international organisation) but you can designate an agent like a freight broker or customs broker, friend or family member to act on behalf of you. The form can also be obtained from the Egyptian Consulate or Egyptian Tax Authority or the Border Point of Entry, or from your customs broker and on ETA website. It is accessible in a variety of foreign languages, but the form must be filled out with English as well as Arabic.
  • The applicant needs to provide all of the documents required under the “Required Documents” section of this process. The applicant should visit the office previously mentioned to obtain the license when they are an official notification about the same.

Required Documents For Re-Exportation of Diplomatic Shipment

  • The original Document of Lading.
  • Members of the Owners Diplomatic ID.
  • Commercial Invoice.
  • Arabic Note from Ministry of Foreign Affairs addressed to Customs Authority in Alexandria.
  • Arabic A letter from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs addressed to the Director of Alexandria Port Traffic Department.
  • Arabic Note from the Ambassador at Bonded Warehouse and Steam Shipping line in Alexandria.
  • Arabic Letter from Embassy, addressed at the Ministry of Civil Defence.

Office Locations and Contacts

Egyptian Tax AuthorityContact Link: Link

Ministry of Finance
Arab Republic of Egypt
Ministry of Finance Towers,
Nasr City.
Extension of Ramsis Street,
Abbassiya, Cairo
Phone: 02/23428830
Fax: 02/23428830
Contact Link: Link

What are all the Eligibility

  • To be eligible to re-export household items, you need to be foreign diplomats and members of the government, or international organisations like the UN leaving Egypt with personal property either new or used items.

In order to be eligible to re-export household goods, you have to be an international Diplomat who will be returning to another country following the completion of the term that they served in Egypt.


The validity extends to the point that the goods are shipped to Egypt.

Processing Time

Processing time for the process is approximately one month.

Requirements Information

  • Full name
  • contact details
  • Sex
  • Date of Birth
  • What is the purpose of your visiting
  • Contact information and details
  • Nationality




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