How to Apply for Refugee Visa in Nigeria

Apply for Refugee Visa in Nigeria In online

Note Due to COVID 19-related interruptions, prior to beginning the process of a new application or making a transaction, please call the Nigerian Embassy or the immigration office for opening hours, times and operating hours.

  • To apply for an Refugee VISA online the applicant must go to the Nigeria Immigration Portal by clicking the link below: – Apply online

  • On the screen that appears open, select the drop-down box under the ‘Processing Country choice and choose the country you would like to complete the VISA in, and then scroll to the bottom and click “Start the Application” button.
  • A message with a dialogue will pop up where you need to click the “Acknowledge” option. On the next screen, you will have to choose any from the email accounts available on the page and log in using the credentials of the user.
  • The next page will request the details of the user, fill in each of the required fields and then click “Submit” option. A dialog with a hyperlink will open, please go through the “Data Protection Policy If required, click the “Acknowledge” click.
  • After that, your request form online will be open. In the initial step, you’ll need to input the name and other details of the applicant. You will then upload a passport sized photo. Complete the required steps and then click the “Next” option.
  • As a result, you should complete all steps by providing all the information as requested and then pressing the “Next” step. Then, ensure that you check the “I I ACCEPT FULL RESPONSIBILITY for the information I provide in this Formula” box, and then click the “Submit application” button.
  • The applicant’s profile page is displayed. Once you have checked it, click “Proceed for Online Pay” button. On the payment page choose payment Currency “Pay In Dollars” option, then Click on the “Continue” option.
  • Make the necessary payment to you to use the VISA in the section for payment by following the on-screen directions.
  • On the next tab you are able to print and download the successful receipt for payment by clicking the appropriate option, and then keep it in your wallet.
  • After submitting your online form for application, you must make an original copy of the application form and send it to the required documents under the “Required documents” section on this page.
  • Go to the offices at or Nigerian Diplomatic Mission or applicable VISA Application center in your country. Take all the necessary documents and present it to the authority in charge.
  • You may also submit your application by mail to the address for postal mail of the appropriate Nigerian Diplomatic Mission.
  • Other decisions will be made by the appropriate officials in the event of a conflict. You will also be informed of the additional tasks to be carried out as appropriate.

Documents Required For Apply for Refugee Visa

  • Completed IMM22 form
  • Traditional Travel Documents or Refugee Passport
  • Documentary proof of Refugee
  • Receipt for payment/proof

Office Locations and Contacts

Nigeria Immigration Service,
Nnamdi Azikiwe Int’l Airport Road,
Sauka, Abuja.
P.M.B. 38, Garki,
Phone: +2348119753844
Homepage: homepage link
Ministry of Foreign Affairs contact link: contact link

What are all the Eligibility

  • Anyone who was required to leave their home country in order to protect themselves from being in a dangerous condition and seeks an asylum application in Nigerian Republic can apply.
  • The person applying for a Refugee VISA must have an Conventional Travel Document or Refugee Passport.


The details of fees for the country of the visitor are available within the “Embassy VISA Fees” section on the next pages: fees details or refer to this document for fee details


  • Refugees can apply for any type or Visitors International Stay Admission (VISA) by following the process designed for the specific Stay Admission category, until they have an official refugee passport, or Conventional Travel Document.
  • The applicants are advised to go through and check the directions on the screen prior to clicking “Start Application” button.
  • Candidates can inquire with applicants can contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Nigerian Immigration Services for contact and address details for the diplomatic representation in their country of citizenship.
  • If you choose a processing country that is not Nigeria Your payment will be made in US Dollars. You will be directed to a payment platform that has been approved to complete your request and pay with US Dollars.
  • Please note that you can reschedule your interview date to the next available date by sending your Application id, Reference no and the proposed date to the following support email address:

The Information You Need

  • Name of the visitor
  • Email ID
  • Address details
  • Mobile number
  • Birth details
  • Applicant particulars
  • The passport number as well as the Nationality
  • Other passport information
  • The reason and the time of the duration of the
  • Permits for mission reception
  • Contact details and address
  • Information about the employer as well as the job description and details
  • Recent information about stay and visits
  • Particulars about banking

Documentation is needed

  • Anyone who was forced to leave their country to escape persecution, war or natural disasters is required to have an Visitor’s International Stay Admission to travel to Nigeria to be protected.

Information that could be helpful

    • The decision on applications will be made available via email to the applicant’s postal address, or phone number(s) provided on the application form.
    • Certain citizens of a different country could be able to travel to Nigeria without visa, provided they are in the category of those who are exempted according to visa-free, waiver reciprocity, bilateral and reciprocity agreements.

More information is available: guidelines

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