How to Apply For Register a Businessw in Hungary

Apply For Register a Businessw in Hungary

  • Applications for registration of companies must be filed through the representative of legal authority through the Governmental Portal (
  • When it comes to electronic procedures for corporate registration, it is required for counsel to use an electronic signatures and time stamps.
  • The registration (and any other procedure that requires authorization) through electronic means is also required Client Gateway (gyflkapu) registration by the legal representative. This Client Gateway acts as the electronic identification and entry system used by Hungarian administration. After single-sign-on and authenticating identity the Client Gate allows users to connect to public bodies that provide e-government services and administration.  Link
  • Legal representatives (counsel) must convert all documents that are that they do not prepare themselves (such as copies of the property deed, authorization of banks that provide deposit services and so on.) into electronic record. The electronic documents with certified electronic signatures (QES) are able to be linked onto the software directly.

Required Documents For Register a Businessw

  • Constitutional instrument in the standard format
  • The company must submit a declaration in the Tax Authority to get the company a tax ID
  • Legal representation authorizations (the counsel) or the declaration of the representation right
  • Certificate of payment for administration fees and the fee for disclosure
  • Members list
  • A declaration of the CEO not to be subject to a ban in accordance with Gt. 23. The certificate of the service provider that provides payment to make the contribution depositable in cash, in accordance with the instructions in the Constitutional instrument or in the official declaration of the CEO to grant a free access to your pledged donation in money
  • The CEO’s declaration for providing a free run of contribution in-kind , as well as an assessment statement of the members on the contribution in kind.

Office Locations and Contacts

Federal Customer Line (1818)1.5 – SZESZ-s, Controlled Electronic Administrative Services
1.6 Other issues relating to electronic services (eg Perkapu.)
If you’re calling from outside If you are calling from outside: +36 (1) 55-1858 Website

What are all the Eligibility

  • According to the Company Procedures Act, business associations can be formed by resident and non-resident legal persons, natural persons as well as business associations that have no legal persona.
  • Hungary’s laws Hungary do not contain an extensive list of legal entities however, on the basis  the Civil Code, state, municipal social, business, and other associations may be able to possess legal persons. International treaties could contain rules which are different from the rules regarding the participation of non-residents to Hungarian business associations.


Registration fees:

  • For limited partnerships: HUF 50,000 (cca: EUR 172)
  • For limited liability companies as well as private private companies limited by shares (cca. EUR 335) HUF 100,000 (cca. EUR 335)
  • Public companies that are limited by shares HUF 600,000 (cca: EUR 2,069)

Simple registration process:

  • for limited liability companies and private corporations with shares limited (huf 50,000) (cca. EUR 172)

For limited partnerships: HUF 25,000 (cca. EUR 86) Publication costs: uniformly the amount of HUF 5,000 (cca. EUR 17). For the registration process that is simplified publication is provided absolutely free.

Processing Time

It takes about 15 days in order for the application to be processed.


    • All sole trader and corporate enterprises must register with the appropriate court of registration for the registered office of the company.
    • The application to register a company can be made electronically through the legal representative. Court of Registration records electronically documents that pertain to the business and issue an electronic proof of registration. Link

“One-stop shop” or “one-stop shop” for company registration implies it is the Court of Registration obtains the company’s tax identification number and statistical code through the computer system developed to serve this for this purpose. This “one-stop shop” when it comes to the registration of sole traders means that the authority in charge gets their tax code and the statistical number immediately and not through the applicant which means that the person applying for registration doesn’t have to communicate personally with the relevant state tax authority or Central Statistical Office before registration.

Information that can be useful

      • Companies and businesses must be registered with the Hungarian Court of Registry and must obtain an identification number for tax purposes.
      • Companies that are involved in finance, insurance or capital market activity may require an exclusive permit that has been approved by the Hungarian Financial Supervisory Authority (PSZF). If the authority’s approval is required by law to carry out any specific economic activity the business organization can be registered and established, but it will only be able to begin and continue the activities that is in question once it has the benefit of this authorization. The activities that are subject to qualification can only be carried out by associations of business if there at least one person in its members who are employees, or employees employed by the business under a perpetual civil law contract signed by the business association that meets the qualifications requirements laid in the regulations of the law.

General partnership, limited partnerships Limited liability corporations, single-member corporations or private limited firms can be formed with a simple procedure of including with the application to register of the business the foundation deed that is drafted using an example in the annex to the Company Procedures Act.

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