How to Apply For Register a Diplomatic Vehicle in Egypt

Apply For Register a Diplomatic Vehicle in Egypt By Yourself

  • In order to apply for a vehicle that is diplomatic, applicants must contact the transportation ministry: Link
  • How to Apply For Register a Diplomatic Vehicle in Egypt
    How to Apply For Register a Diplomatic Vehicle in Egypt
  • For the registration of a diplomatic vehicle The procedure is identical to registering a government vehicle The only difference is in the Customs exemption limits. This means that the exemption limit for selling an official vehicle in the context of (PRS) can be set at US$ 40000. ,–.
  • The applicant has to fill out and complete the application form to be submitted for the process, together with the fee required.
  • The applicant also has to provide the documents specified within the “Required Documents” section of the procedure.
  • Following the completion of the forms above The next step is to submit an application with the Traffic Police for permission to identify the vehicle, along with the payment documentation. that the officer who registers you will send directly to the police officer assigned at the Licensing office. They will add their signature on the Allocation Form after confirming and being satisfied with the documentation and the vehicle being registered.
  • Inspection technicians on site inspect cars with their respective numbers. and will apply a special paper, which is then rubbed with a pencil , and then attach the pieces of paper together with the “casts” an exclusive registration card. The card will be stored within the departments archives.
  • On-site inspections will check the fire fire extinguishers to ensure they are in compliance with established standards. Put the stamp on it , and also mark your registration form.
  • On receipt of the document that has been endorsed by the police, the registration officer processes the payment in accordance with the kind and size of the vehicle.
  • The person who applied for the license must get the plate number that was issued.
  • The number requested by the applicant is then sent to verify the number.
    • The documents required for registration of a vehicles are verified with the previously stated requirements.
    • The filling out of the special number request form with the application and then the payment is made to the appropriate banks.
    • Completed form must be returned and a proof of payment
    • Special plates produced are documented and then handed over to the owner along with other papers.

The number plate issued is then handed over to the applicant. The number plate is for Diplomatic mission vehicles is different from the government and private vehicles. The applicant has to visit the office earlier mentioned to obtain the license after they are an official notification regarding the same.

Required Documents For Register a Diplomatic Vehicle

  • Forms for application are necessary for the procedure
    • The allocation of registration number of New Vehicle Formula.
    • Auto vehicle license form
    • Formula C
    • Transport Road Safety Form, TRSC Form
    • Tax Form
    • Technical certificate
  • The maker’s name is not specified or wheel base
  • Chassis No. (Affix Pencil print)
  • Motor Number or Engine Number in the case of battery operated vehicles.
  • Capacity of seats (including driver)
  • The fuel used in the engine
  • Attestation letters from the business of the purchase
  • Receipt for Purchase/Invoice
  • Note from the company of delivery of the purchase
  • Passport photo of the car owner;
  • Motor Vehicle Duty Certificate (Book C.191/FormC191) (Custom Card) to be filed after clearing.

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of TransportationMr. Hany Sayed Mohamed Dahy image
Address Nasr Road, Nasr City, Cairo
Phone number. 2400814 – 22604884
Fax 22610510
Contact Link: Link

Processing Time

The processing time is two months.

Documentation is needed

As per the Law of Egypt mentioned in Circular Note No. 1. All Diplomatic & Consular Missions, Regional & International Organizations recognized within Egypt Arab Republic of Egypt are required to register their vehicles. They are exempt from having to pay taxes on customs duties and other applicable taxes within the stipulated limitsin the event that the specified time frame is observed and tax on sales is paid in the event of due, in accordance with principles of reciprocity. One of the most fundamental requirements to be considered for an automobile that is part of the Permanent Release System (PRS) is that it has been released within the same year as it was produced.




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