How to Apply For Register an Industrial Design in Hungary

Apply For Register an Industrial Design in Hungary

  • Once you have filed your documents with the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office, the office will review your application to verify whether it is in compliance with the terms and conditions that are prescribed in the filing date, i.e. whether it has an indication of the rights granted to protection of design or the relevant information to identify the applicant the design’s representation as well as details of the item according to the design or indication of priority documents, and whether the fee to file was paid in full.
  • The Office will inform you of the date for filing that is set. If the date for filing is not agreed to you, the Office will request that you correct the shortcomings within thirty days. In the event that the defects are rectified by deadline when filing, the date of filing is the date on which the remedy is accepted. If the remedy is not received, the application is regarded as being withdrawn.
  • The filling fee is to be paid. The fee must be paid to the budgetary bank account at the Office by providing the reference number and purpose. A payment without having a reference number will not be valid. The Office could allow exemption from the fee for design filing in the event that the person who is the natural holder in the rights is not able pay the fee due to their salary or income-related circumstances.
  • When the proposed design as well as design application meet the requirements of the test If the design and application meet all requirements of the examination, the Office will issue protection to the design subject matter within at least one month from day of the publication. After the Office has granted protection to the design the Office will issue the Design Protection Certificate.

The protection for the final design will be valid for five years, calculated starting as of the date of the filing.

Office Locations and Contacts

Hungarian Intellectual Property OfficeH-1081 Budapest,
II. Jnos Pl ppa tr 7.

Address for mail:
H-1438 Budapest, PO Box 415
Central phone: +361 312 4400
Fax: +36 1 474 5534

What are all the Eligibility

Design protection is granted to any design that:

  • is relatively new on a global level , and it has a distinct character,
  • cannot be excluded from protection based on a particular reason that would cause a refusing to protect.

The designer or the successor to his title can apply to the procedure.


The schedule of fees for designs


  • Design protection is valid for five years starting from the date of filing the application.
  • On request, the term is able to be renewed for additional intervals of five years per 4 times at maximum. After the expiration date of 25 years from the time of the request the protection is not extended for any further time.


  • In order to obtain protection for your design to protect your design in Hungary you must make a formal application for protection of your design with the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office, and also an international application in accordance with the Hague Agreement Concerning the International Deposit of Industrial Designs.
  • Foreign applicants need to be represented by a attorney at law or patent attorney with a residence in the country. Domestic applicants aren’t required to have a representative but, in certain instances attorneys from patent law assist in preparing applications.

Need to have the Document

This document provides you with the information you need to file an industrial trademark with Hungarian Intellectual Property Office.

Other uses for the Document/Certificate

Protecting the design provides legal protection to the design of an item. Through these protections, the rightful owner is able to establish or improve his position in the marketplace.

In the event that design protection is breached:
In the event of an violation of the protection of designs The right-holder can initiate proceedings before the court and ask for

  • that the violation be made public,
  • an injunction requiring the violator to stop his infringement,
  • the reinstatement of the status before the violation,
  • damages.

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