How to Apply For Register as Commercial Agent and Mediator in Egypt

Apply For Register as Commercial Agent and Mediator in Egypt By Yourself

  • To apply to be registered as a Commercial Agent and Mediator the applicant should apply to for registration with General Department for Commercial Agents and Mediators at the GOEIC. Link
  • How to Apply For Register as Commercial Agent and Mediator in Egypt
    How to Apply For Register as Commercial Agent and Mediator in Egypt
  • The applicant must have all required documents for the procedure.
  • Check out for the “Required documents” part of the process to learn more.
  • The applicant must complete the application form and documents, along together with an application form as well as the fees.
  • The authorities will examine the application as well as the documents submitted.
  • The applicant will be issued with an initial serial number and create an permanent number in the database.
  • The documents submitted are reviewed on a technical basis. Upon approval by the authority. The applicant is registered and a certificate will be issued.
  • The applicant has to visit the earlier mentioned office to get the license after they have been an official notification about the same.

Required Documents For Register as Commercial Agent and Mediator

  • Fill out the appropriate entry application (Form 1) and sign it by the person who is concerned in front of the clerk who is competent or as certified by an accredited bank after obtaining an authorization from the person who is concerned, which has been certified by the bank.
  • A signed copy certified by the Commercial Agency contract or mediation contract which outlines mediators or commercial agents’ nature of work / geographical and commodity scales / the responsibilities of the contracting parties / items of the transaction the applicable commission percentages of collection as well as the currency, and the agent’s obligation to notify Egyptian consulates abroad in the event any changes are made to the contract.
  • If the agency contract was signed by a foreign firm, it will be certified through the chamber of commerce in question or any other authority in the particular foreign country and then authenticated through the Egyptian consulate that is concerned. The contract’s translation is required to be included in accordance with the applicable regulations. If it is not before it is null and null the contract cannot issue by any foreign firm that is an agent in the public sector.
  • Locally-issued contracts (individual’s public companies) must be certified with the Real Estate Registration while government organizations (public sector) only will be issued with their official signature.
  • An official , certified duplicate of an official certified copy of a valid Commercial Register certificate that indicates commercial agent is the main activity of the agent’s scope of work.
  • A certified certificate of competence in the field issued by the chamber of commerce, and verified with the General Union of Chambers of Commerce only on the first registration.
  • Registration declaration in accordance with Ministerial Decree 362/2005.
  • A duplicate of a tax card that is identical to the information from the commercial register.
  • A photocopy of the ID and an authentically certified copy of the birth certificate for military status or the acquisition of the Egyptian citizenship in the case of a background of foreign origin and must be in the country of residence for a minimum of as 10 years.
  • A formal statement of resignation or work termination authorization for former employees in the public sector or the government local administration units, public sector firms or enterprises, as long as the employee has been terminated from his job for no less than two years.
  • Declaration forms for the Commercial Agents and Intermediaries Register must be signed by an authorized person in front of the competent clerk or a bank official who has certified the form.

Office Locations and Contacts

Arab Republic of Egypt Ministry of Trade and Industry
General Organization for Export and Import Control
The headquarters of the Electronic Building located at Cairo Air port in front of the cargo village
Toll Free Number 08006667666
Hotline: 19591

Branches and Offices Network of GOEIC: Link

Contact link: Link

What are all the Eligibility

The applicant that is eligible or the dealer agreement has to be recognized as a commercial agent

Processing Time

It takes two days.


  • Commercial Agents are an individual or legal entity which is carrying out the task of submitting tenders or negotiating purchase, lease or sale contracts on behalf of or on behalf of manufacturers, producers or distributors. The person or entity involved must be listed within the Register for Commercial Agents maintained by the Ministry of Economy and Foreign Trade.



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