How to Apply For Register as Exporter in Egypt

Apply For Register as Exporter in Egypt By Yourself

  • To be registered as an exporter person has to approach GOEIC. General Department for Importers Affairs within the GOEIC. Link
  • How to Apply For Register as Exporter in Egypt
    How to Apply For Register as Exporter in Egypt
  • The applicant should ensure that you have all the necessary documents listed within the “Required Documents” section of this process.
  • Complete all documents together with an application for ments.
  • The applicant will be issued with an interim serial number, and then it will be registered under an permanent number in the record.
  • The documents submitted will be reviewed for technical accuracy with the approval of the authorities. The applicant is approved and a certificate will be issued.
  • The applicant should visit the earlier mentioned office to obtain the license when they are informed by the authority of the same.

Required Documents For Register as Exporter

  • A certified duplicate of entry records from the most current Commercial Register that identifies the business type of the company and the date it was registered
  • A declaration from the person in question to confirm the criminal of the record and to indicate that he’s not a civil servant of the government or an employee of the public sector and has not been legally declared bankrupt or previously registered on the Exporters Register. The declaration must also be accompanied by a statement that the individual concerned has committed to serving the notice to GOEIC on any change within 60 days after the date of date of occurrence.
  • A copy of your identity card for a family member or personal or passport. The original document must be submitted at the time of applying.
  • In the event that it was the case that the Commercial Register Certified Copy was intended to be used to engage an agent authorized, documents provided by him will be identical to those that must be filled out by the person involved.
  • A certificate of registration for trademarks, if there are any.
  • Export-practicing certificate
  • An application to be included into the Exporters Register shall be copied and made accessible to GOEIC’s office in the main and field offices.

Office Locations and Contacts

Arab Republic of Egypt Ministry of Trade and Industry
General Organization for Export and Import Control
The headquarters of the Electronic Building located at Cairo Air port in front of the cargo village
Toll Free Number 08006667666
Hotline: 19591

Branches and Offices Network of GOEIC: Link

Contact link: Link

What are all the Eligibility

All exporters must possess at least an Egyptian nationality.

Processing Time

Processing time: two days.

The Document is required

  • If they are registered as exporters the applicant has the ability to export products and goods from Egypt to different countries.



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