How to Apply For Register as Taxpayer in Hungary

Apply For Register as Taxpayer in Hungary

  • Follow the link in “Documents to Use” to look at a sample registration form that is written in English. It will help you understand what you’ll must provide when you fill out the form. Be aware that only the Hungarian form can be completed in the official manner.
  • Check the form and instructions carefully.
  • online: You may submit your application using National Tax and Customs Administration online services through this Click here.

in person, or via postal mail. If you want to submit the form on paper (via mail or by personal visit) it is necessary to send two of them to the low department of taxation at the tax authority national with territorial jurisdiction. In the event of submitting a tax registration (applying for an tax numbers) this data sheet can be submitted to every local (Budapest) Tax Directorate within NAV. Taxpayers who fall under the sole jurisdiction to the Large Taxpayers Directorate of NAV (non-resident taxpayers and foreign citizens with no registered address and no branch office, and no place of residence or place of staying within Hungary, Hungarian Defence Forces, Law Enforcement Agencies and State Security Services and the employees, contract employees, civil servants as well as public servants and employees of these agencies, etc.) can apply for tax numbers at the mentioned lower level tax directorate, but only.

Office Locations and Contacts

National Tax and Customs Administration of Hungary1054 Budapest, Szchenyi u. 2.
Telefon: +36 (1) 428-5100
Fax: +36 (1) 428-5509

Documents to Utilize

Registration Formulas


Taxpayers have to be registered with the tax authorities prior to conducting business on Hungary. Hungary. Since the tax number generated at the time of registration also serves as an identification number for VAT No separate registration is required for the purpose of VAT.

Required Documents For Register as Taxpayer

This process provides you with details on how to become a tax payer with the National Tax and Customs Administration of Hungary.

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