How to Apply For Register Marriage with Foreigner in Ecuador

Apply For Register Marriage with Foreigner in Ecuador

  1. Get all the necessary documents.
  2. Marriage registration may be conducted in any Civil Registry as well as Identification.

Required Documents For Register Marriage with Foreigner

General Requirements:

  • Certificate of Citizenship for the conjoints (Original as well as Copy that is legible).
  • Certificate of Vote for the Parties (Original with Copy that is legible).
  • Two competent witnesses, who have to show ID or identification along with a voting document (original or photocopied).

Extra Documents

  • Birth certificate from the country of birth Apostilled, translated and certified.
  • The certificate of marital status from the country of birth translated and Apostilled.
  • Migrant Movement updated
  • Passport with valid visa category 12 X and other categories..
  • If the person from outside has divorced marital status , they need to present a the marriage certificate as well as the divorce decrees that have been acknowledged or signed. in the nation of the origin.
  • If there isn’t an embassy, consulate or diplomatic representative from that country in Ecuador The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in this area has certified, and the spouse from abroad must sign an official sworn declaration before the authority in charge that indicates their marital situation, nationality, as well as the full name of the mother and father born.

Office Locations and Contacts

Registry Civl

Av Amazonas N37-61 as well as the United Nations

Corner Bldg Corner PB Provisora

? ?Quito – Ecuador

Phone: 593-2 228 8855


How to Apply For Register Marriage with Foreigner in Ecuador
How to Apply For Register Marriage with Foreigner in Ecuador

What are all the Eligibility

All non-resident aliens have to stay within Ecuador at least seventy-five consecutive days before getting married.


  • Cost of the Venue Wedding: 50.00 (Includes 2 certificates of the couple’s spouses)
  • Wedding Outside of Headquarters: 250.00 (Includes 2 certificates of the spouses)

The Document is required

The marriage contract is legally binding that binds two individuals giving them certain rights and obligations.

Here are the steps on how to record a marriage when one of the parties is a non-native.

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