How to Apply For Register Trademark in Hong Kong

Apply For Register Trademark in Hong Kong

  • Search and preliminary Advice Services: You will need to fill out Trade Mark Form T1- Request for search of records, Preliminary advice request regarding registrability prior to applying for trademark registration. The search will reveal whether the Department is likely to accept your trademark as a candidate for registration. The search will tell that there are identical or similar trademarks that are registered on the Trade Marks Register. The fee for searching is HK$400 (plus HK$200 for every additional class of products (or services). You can also browse through the Trade Marks Register yourself before filing your application through our website Trade Mark Search system – Link.
  • Preliminary consultation fees are $400 plus $200 for each additional category of products or services. The service will inform you whether your trademark is distinctive, or if we can bring any other objections against your trademark.
  • Form for applying for a trade mark: You will need to fill out an application link, which is available under “Documents to Use” section that you can use to download the application form or forms.

Application submission: Submit your application along with the application fee in the mail to “Intellectual Property Department, ” 24/F Wu Chung House, 213 Queen’s Road East, Wanchai, Hong Kong, China” via post and/or in person.

Office Locations and Contacts

Intellectual Property Department
24/F & 25/F Wu Chung House,
213 Queen’s Road East,
Wanchai, Hong Kong

Open hours: 9:00 a.m. until 5:45 p.m. (Mon to Friday)

Telephone: (852)2961 6901

Patents and Designs Registrations : (852)2838 6315/ (852)3188 5359
Register of Trademarks: (852)2838 6082/ (852)2574 4345



Research and preliminary Advice Service:

  • Search service Price: HK$400 plus 200 HK$ for every additional class of service or product
  • Fee for initial advice: 400 HK$ plus 200 HK$ per additional type of service or product.

Applications Fees

  • Create a trade mark for one type of services or goods $2,000 HK
  • For each additional category of service or product for each additional class of goods or services: 1,000 HK$

The payment can be made in either cash or cheque that is with the memo “The Government of the Hong Kong SAR. 

Documents to Utilize

How do I apply to register a trademark for Hong Kong SAR. Hong Kong SAR

Required Documents For Register Trademark

  • Trade marks are an indication that differentiates the products and services offered by a particular trader from that of other. A trade mark could contain phrases (may be a name of a person) as well as indications, designs such as numerals, letters, characters and figurative elements. It can also include colors, sounds, smells and the form of the products or packaging, as well as any combinations of them. The sign has to be able to be illustrated graphically to qualify as trade marks.
  • This process provides you with the information you need to apply for trademarks in Hong Hong Kong’s Intellectual Property Department.

Other uses for the document/certificate

The registration of your business will grant you the right to use your mark for the products and services that the mark is registered. If other businesses use the mark on their own in Hong Kong, China in connection with the same or similar products or services without your approval and without your consent, they could be held accountable for infringements of your trademark and you could be able to pursue legal actions. If you don’t declare your trademark and it becomes difficult to prove you are the proprietor of the mark , and consequently your protection is less.

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