How to Apply for Registration Certificate School Clinic(City) In Uganda

Apply for Registration Certificate School Clinic(City) In Uganda By Online

  1. For an application for registration certificate to school clinics (city) applicants must go to the Uganda Nurses and Midwives Council office and fill out an application form in the prescribed way as specified in the Council.Find their website at the following Link
    • The Act stipulates that any person or organization that wants to sign up a school clinic should submit a request to the council for the certificate of registration.
  2. Candidates are required to fill out the prescribed registration form , which is available from the Uganda Nurses and Midwives Council headquarters. It is the Council (Licensing Board) Regulations, prescribes form to be used for submitting the application for license.
  3. Complete the form complete with all relevant papers to Uganda Nurses and Midwives Council. If you fail to submit the required documents could render the application process insufficient.
  4. The Uganda nurses and midwifes council registration board will within five days of receiving an application, review and produce a thorough report on the application.
  5. Pay a non-refundable fee for registration that is two hundred and fifty thousand(250,000) in shillings for the Uganda Nurses and Midwives Council (Licensing) Board.
  6. The Act sets out the procedures for registration; the council can, upon conducting any inquiry it deems essential, and after receiving an amount set by council grant the registration of a specific health facility.
  7. The Council will inform the applicant in writing, of its decision. within five days following the above-mentioned time frame and the Health committee of Uganda Nurses and Midwives Council will decide upon registration, the school clinics shall be approved under the Act and a certificate of registration will be issued in accordance with the requirements in Form C of the third Schedule or it may decide to not issue a certificate to the applicant, and will state the reason in the notice.
  8. The council may decide at its discretion, and subject to any conditions the council can decide the registrar is able to authorize the clinic at the school to be run through a physician assistant midwife or nurse depending on the situation. be, for solely the use of the body corporate of an institution, but under the supervision of a licensed medical professional.
  9. The council will make a new school clinic unit to be announced in the Gazette shortly after registration has been granted and a certificate is issued for an health facility with the details of the Health Unit as stipulated in the section 30(1) of the Act.
  10. The registration will be subject to the terms and conditions that the council’s health committee decides to be appropriate. The registration of a school clinic will also be subject to oversight and supervision from the Health Committee of the Council.
  11. A registration certificate expires at the date of the day of its issue. The certificate is subject to renewal for a year at the interval of.

Required Documents For Apply for Registration Certificate School Clinic

  • Attache a Registration certificate/professional ID on the application form.
  • Attach a Receipt from a Clinical personal practice license to the form for application.
  • Private practice book that will be stamped
  • Original certificate or ID of professional with a photocopy for the full requirements of the applicants staff.
  • Provide the receipt from which you received your previous one (in the event for renewal).
  • Medical certificates and receipts from medical practitioners must be attached to the application
  • The private nursing clinic’s book must be included with the application.

Office Locations and Contacts

Uganda Nurses and Midwives Council,
Makarere Road, Mukubira Zone,
Kawempe Division Kampala,
P. O. Box 4046,
General Line General Line (0) 393 293,327
Registrar’s Office: 256 (0)393 – 290 327
Contact us via email: or
Site: link


  • To be eligible and enrolled to practice privately as school clinics
  • The applicant must have obtained the general license required to be a nurse and midwives work in Uganda.
  • Registered nurses who have worked within a medical facility, hospital or an approved health facility for no less than ten years , and is currently licensed to practice.
  • The applicant must have paid the fees for enrollment and registration, which includes fees for licenses for the first three years.
  • The applicant should not have been found by a judge to be unsound in their mind.
  • The applicant must not have been found guilty by a judge either in Uganda or anywhere else of any crime involving dishonesty or fraud.
  • The applicant must have a the qualifications of a licensed nurse and midwife. certificate.
  • The person applying must possess good character.
  • The provision of a suitable, well-equipped facility for use as an educational clinic. Further details are provided within Ministry of Health Guidelines for Practice for Registered Nurses and Allied Health Professionals (2002).


  • The school’s Clinical Registration License fees is USh.250,000.


  • The validity of the registration for clinical use is one year. You must then be renewed once more.

Processing Time

  • The processing time maximum for registration for school clinics is 5 days


  • All clinics in schools must be registered with the Uganda Nurses and Midwives Council and must be acquainted with the rules and regulations that govern medical practices in Uganda.
  • If you are collecting the first official certificate for enrollment or registration , please don’t leave your Council offices until you’ve been told the license number and it has been written on the receipt together with the year of renewal.
  • Your license is specific to you. All your requirements are covered by the same license for apply.

The Information You Need

  • The location and the name of the clinic unit at the school.
  • Professional training i.e the institution, year and the course taken
  • Current employment 2. Attach the following
  • 2 passport size photographs
  • Brief Curriculum Vitae (C.V)
  • Photographic copies of professional certificates you’ve obtained
  • Recently renewed renewal receipt and License( for renewal)
  • Recommendation letters from employers

The document is needed

  • This document is crucial for schools as it allows the school to offer first aid or emergency medical care for injured or sick students. Examine students to identify the early signs and symptoms of health conditions that can affect the learning process. Keep track of the growth and development of your students.

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