How to Apply for Renew Identity Card in Nicaragua

Apply for Renew Identity Card in Nicaragua

  • To renew your identity card, you must fill out an application form.
  • Visit an CSE office and fill out the completed application form along with two passport-sized photographs and proof that proves that you’ve paid your fee for application.
  • You’ll also be required to show your expired identity card.
  • The application will be scrutinized as well as you’ll be informed when you will be able to get the new identity card.

Required Documents For Renew Identity Card

  • Application is complete
  • Two passport-sized photos not scanned, but color or black and white.
  • ID card (or photocopy).
  • The proof that you’ve completed the payment through an authorized banking institution (BANPRO, BDF, ect.)

Office Locations and Contacts

Consejo Supremo ElectoralContiguo a Metrocentro
Managua, Nicaragua.
Tel. 1800-1273


Renewal Fee: 50 cordobas

The Document is required

This document provides information about how to renew your identity card issued by Nicaragua.

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