How to Apply For Replace a Lost or Stolen Passport in Dominican Republic

Apply For Replace a Lost or Stolen Passport in Dominican Republic

  1. It is your responsibility to go to the police department to inform them of the loss or stolen passport. The police will provide you with an official document that proves that you’ve filed an investigation.
  2. Visit the Dominican Consulate headquarters to see whether someone has located your passport. Then, forward your passport to Dominican Consulate’s main office. If it’s found it will be given directly to the passport holder.
  3. If the passport that was lost is not reported by the officials of the Dominican Consulate in the country in which the loss occurred, then the citizen is able to submit the request for replacement of the passport that was lost.
  4. Complete and complete and submit this Application form
  5. How to Apply For Replace a Lost or Stolen Passport in Dominican Republic
    How to Apply For Replace a Lost or Stolen Passport in Dominican Republic
  6.  together with the other documents that are required.
  7. Pay the appropriate fee.


  • If a consular location is not equipped to print passports the consular office in another location can print the passport. This means that it takes a more time to wait to get the passport issued, and the person applying for it to pay the costs of transportation and posting of the passport.
  • Minors must apply for the permit. be signed by parents or legal guardians.

Required Documents For Replace a Lost or Stolen Passport

  • Police Report on the lost passport
  • Affidavit of loss of Passport (if you have not made a formal complaint to the police in your area)
  • Birth certificate is recognized as valid through the Central Electoral Board of the Dominican Republic.
  • Recent photo, 4 x 5 inches colorized with white background, with no shadow, in the face, without earrings, no piercings chains, no smile or gesture, hair forwards, with the forehead and ears uncovered without flequito. Photographed up close
  • Photocopy of passport lost (if there is one available)
  • Dominican Electoral Identity Card


  • Certain consular offices might have an option for photography. It is recommended to ask first prior to visiting your consular offices.

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores

Avenida Independencia No.752

Estancia San Gernimo, Distrito Nacional,

Capital de la Repblica Dominicana.

Phone Numbers

  • Central: 809.987.7001 / 535.6280
  • RAI: 809.987.7019
  • Legalization: 809.987.7638
  • Consular: 809.987.7624
  • RH: 809.987.7027
  • Financial: 809.987.7111
  • Administrative: 809.987.7089
  • Protocol: 809.987.7031

For consular offices abroad


MIREX website

What are all the Eligibility

Every Dominican citizen is entitled to apply for a replacement passport in the event loss or theft.


Application fee: 60.00

The amount to be paid will be to be paid in U.S. dollars (USD) In European regions it will be EUR or in the currency that is used for the region in which it is the Consular Office is.

Its the application fee is based what the price of living is in the town in which Consular Office is located. Consular Office is located.


The validity of biometric passports is the period of six (6) months.

Processing Time

The processing time can range from 3-10 working days from the moment your request is received at the consulate.

The Document is required

The passport can be described as a piece of paper issued by the national government. It verifies the nationality and identity of the person who holds it for traveling abroad. It includes information about the person who holds it, such as name as well as gender, date of birth and birthplace.

This document doesn’t by itself grant the holder of the passport to the right to travel to another country, nor protection from consular authorities during travel, or any other rights. But, it usually allow the passport holder be returned to their country from which the passport was issued.

The right to consular protection stems from international treaties, and the return of the holder to the country of issue is contingent upon the laws in the particular country.

The following are steps to follow to replace a stolen or lost passport.

External Links

  • Consular Services Portal of the Dominican Republic:<=ES

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