How to Apply For Replace Lost NemID Code Card in Denmark

Apply For Replace Lost NemID Code Card in Denmark

If you’ve lost your card with code, you should immediately revoke it to stop others to use it.

  1. To remove you code card you must log into your NemID account ID along with your username and username and password (click for the button to sign up for this procedure). Revoke code card – link
  2. After revoking your active card, you can purchase a new one on the Self-service site. You’ll need to verify your identity using you Danish driver’s license. Below is the hyperlink to buy a the new code cards.Log on to the site by using the NemID User ID as well as your password. Be aware that you cannot purchase an order for a code card even if your existing card is active (need to remove the card first, then follow step. 1).
  3. It will then be delivered to you via post. If you require urgently, you can obtain a new code card from a citizen service center or talk to your bank. Find the nearest Citizen Service centre in your region.

Required Documents For Replace Lost NemID Code Card

Unique ID

  • You are able to present any current (not not expired) photo identificationdocuments:
    • A national driver’s license is issued by one of the EU/EEA Member States, Greenland or the Faroe Islands
    • Passport issued by an official authority in your country of residence
    • ID card for military (from Denmark)
    • NATO passport
    • Identification card for police (from Denmark)
    • Photo ID for residence permits issued in Denmark
    • Danish ID cards for banks
    • National ID card that has a photo issued by a government agency in your country of residence and that can be used as a travel document within Schengen states.
    • Be aware that if your CPR-number does not appear on your selected photo identification, it is necessary to carry proof of identification showing your CPR-number.
  • If you don’t have any ID card with a pictures then you need to bring two additional forms of identification, one of which must contain your CPR number: You are able to be identified by the combination of two or more of the kinds of identification:
    • Birth or name certificate
    • Insurance card for health or certificate of residency address
    • Annual statement, or preliminari income report of SKAT (Danish Tax Administration and Customs)
    • The proof of the receipt of public benefits (dating not more then three months).
    • Take note that at minimum one of your ID cards should comprise your health insurance plan card, your certificate of your residence address or birth certificate or name certificate.

Office Locations and Contacts

Contact NemID Support for private persons
Phone: +45 72 24 70 50
Contact details

How to Apply For Replace Lost NemID Code Card in Denmark
How to Apply For Replace Lost NemID Code Card in Denmark

Find the nearest citizen service center to your location

Danish representation abroad

What are all the Eligibility

You may apply for NemID if you: NemID If you:

  • Have an Danish CPR number
  • Are you over an age limit of
  • Are able to satisfy the ID conditions.

There is no requirement to be the Danish citizen to apply for NemID. It is possible to obtain NemID when you possess an Danish residency permit, or are studying in Denmark.

If you’re under the age of 15 and don’t have an Danish CPR, you will be able to apply for NemID for online banking in the event that your bank provides this service.

Processing Time

If you make an application in a Citizen Service Centre or through your bank: You will get NemID code card given to you right away. NemID code card mailed to you straight away


A NemID will permit users to login to the internet safely. Once you’ve got an NemID you are able to use it on all computers equipped with the Internet connection. It’s very simple to use and you need to remember three things such as your username, password, and code card.

You’ll be the one to pick your own user ID and password which you have to remember. The codes card will be a tiny piece of paper similar to an credit card, which is something you should handle with care. You may also carry NemID with you and utilize it on any other computer.

The Document is required

NemID helps you protect yourself from hackers and burglars.

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