How to Apply for Replacement of a lost or stolen Passport in Nigeria

 Apply for Replacement of a lost or stolen Passport in Nigeria In online

  • In order to apply for a replacement of a stolen or lost Passport via the web, candidate must go to the Nigerian Immigration Portal by clicking the link below: Link

  • On the first page choose the type of passport and processing country, alter the type to “Lost Refund Request” and then enter the Passport number by selecting the options that apply, then click the “Start Application” button.
  • Your application process will start at step 1. In step one you will need to submit the basic information and contact information, then click the “Next” option.
  • Also, go through the directions and then complete the second step with the required information and then click the “Submit Applications” button. The next step is to follow the steps listed and go over the information and then click “Print and continue” button.
  • Complete the application form to be submitted to the office. Click on the “Continue the Application” button to begin making the necessary payments.
  • Review the information on the next page, and then click the “Proceed for Online Pay” button. Select the currency for payment on the next screen and then click the “Continue” click.
  • Follow the screen instructions and pay the amount appropriate, and also take a photocopy of the invoice.
  • After you have paid the application is lodged, it will be closed and you will be issued with a reference number to your payment.
  • After that, you must collect all the required documents to be presented and then visit the Passport office you picked in your online registration.
  • Visit the office and provide the necessary documents to the appropriate office. Following submission, the documents and applications will be presented to verify and validate.
  • After verifying that the specifications have been properly supplied, the officials will take additional required actions to facilitate the renewal.
  • When all the required steps have been completed and the Passport document is available for collection and you are notified and asked to pick up the document.

Documents Required For Apply for Replacement

  • Hard copy of online application for form
  • Letter of Application that contains the specifics of the loss
  • A lost passport Police Report Extract
  • Report from the Fire Service (in case it disappears in an incident of fire)
  • A sworn affidavit of an Magistrate or High Court (for the deposed Passport)
  • The proof of payment

Office Locations and Contacts

Nigeria Immigration Service,Nnamdi Azikiwe Int’l Airport Road,
Sauka, Abuja.
P.M.B. 38, Garki,
Phone: +2348119753844
Contact Link (refer to the section ‘Passport offices’): Link
For Enquiries and complaints:

What are all the Eligibility

  • Anyone who lives in Nigeria that had previously had a passport but lost it through any method is eligible to apply for an alternative.
  • Dispersed Nigerians are also eligible to apply.


  • The cost is of N22000.00.
  • See the category ‘Lost passports’ under the ‘Fees for Passport and Others’ to find out more information about fees: Link


  • Children and Adults (32 pages) 5 years and older
  • Children and Adults (64 pages) 5 years and older

Adults (18+) only (64 pages) 10 years

Processing Time

It will take ten working days from the day on the day the application is accepted.


  • If a passport is cancelled and issued a new one, in the event that it was found, the holder must immediately inform Nigeria Immigration Service immediately Nigeria Immigration Service of recovery and then submit the documents to cancel the passport.
  • Nigerians who are not in their home country must apply to the nearest Nigerian consulate or Embassy.
  • The applicants are required to show up at the chosen Immigration Office for photograph and biometric data capture if the your current passport is older than six (6) months older.
  • Candidates are advised to adhere to the directions under each section and make sure to complete the application according to the directions.

Requirements Information

  • The full name and other information of the applicant
  • DOB and Contact Information
  • National Identity Number
  • Permanent Residence address
  • Addresses from overseas
  • Personal details
  • Parents and the next of kin’s contact information
  • Reference details

Documentation is needed

  • procedure of replacement of lost or stolen passports is crucial in the event that the holder of the passport lost their passport or has been taken.




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